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Woohoo this was rated 4.84 for 10 minutes!

A highly overrated, oversized NU METAL (not death metal or anything, you dumb assholes) band consisting of 9 douchebags who wear masks and jumpsuits as part of their gimmick, which they copied from Gwar.

Although not the worst band in the world, and one of the better nu metal bands out there, they definitely aren't worthy of being called "the best band" in any other context other than having to do with nu metal. They can't even hold a candle to real metal bands such as OLD-SCHOOL Metallica or Iron Maiden.

They have 9 members in the band, which is far too many. They have this many as part of the marketing gimmick. Proof of this is in the fact that you can't even hear half the members most of the time. The members evaluations are as follows:

Vocals: Not too bad honestly. Can sing a lot better than other nu metal singers like that fag from Korn, Johnathan Davis. Lyrics aren't too bad either but can suck, like the ones that one guy posted. Those are some seriously lame lyrics ("Now take a real good look at/What you've fucking done to me").
Guitar #1: Sucks. Typical, boring nu metal riffs. But still better than those in Disturbed, etc. No solos either.
Guitar #2: See above.
Bass: So hard to hear and so hard to like.... Sucks.
Drums (regular set): The best member along with the singer. Not too bad really but there are better. He at least does fills and SOME double bass. DEFINITELY not the fastest double basser either (listen to Dying Fetus, Kataklysm or Deicide for some REAL fast double bass). I hate him the least.
Drums (tom kit): What exactly is the point of this when all he does is play the same notes on the toms as the regular drummer does? Fuck off!
Drums (trashcan): Can this guy not afford a real drum set? Can he not play one? Apparently not. This guy is equally as ponitless as the tom drummer. You can actually hear his drumming but he only plays like 4 notes per song. The rest of the time he just stands there like a dumbass.
Sampler: What the fuck does he do as well? You hear NOTHING from this asshole! Even if you could he would suck. Die!
DJ (Scratches): Don't make me laugh.

So if 2 out of 9 members are decent, how good could the band overall be?

Oh, but wait! The material! More or less up to one's opinion but generally revolves around, "I'm a victim. I'm very angry and/or hurt. I hate you. Feel sorry for me." Nothing complex in the arrangements and maybe some creativity.

Fans of Slipknots label themselves as "maggots", a very fitting term. These "maggots" usually think they're badass rebels by listening to this band which offends their rich, uptight parents and are amongst the typical mallcore scene. I would never label myself a "maggot" if I were a fan of any band but these guys seem to be proud of it.

Despite what many say, Slipknot is featured to a limited degree on mainstream metal, mostly material from their latest release, which is much safer than their older stuff.

Overall, not the worst band, especially in nu metal, but very overrated. You know it can't be THAT good when kids wearing baggy cargo pants with a million pockets, hooded sweat jackets covered in grease stains, studded wristbands and wallet chains listen to it. But easily better than the likes of Korn.

P.S. Maggots, please stop telling us that we suck or to go fuck ourselves because we don't listen to the same "badass" mallcore band that you listen to. Also, we do not dislike/hate Slipknot because they're mainstream. That has nothing to do with them. We dislike/hate them because they're not that good/just fucking suck!
maggot: Holy shit! Slipknot is the best band ever! They are so talented! I love the way they wear masks and jumpsuits and purge themselves and jump around like apes, on stage!

real metalhead: Ever heard of Children of Bodom?

maggot: Who?

real metalhead. Exactly. By the way, you DO know you're known as a "maggot" right? Pretty degrading isn't it?

maggot: (hangs head in shame)

source: urbandictionary.com


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Dec 25, 2010
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