[B99] Spectral Sojourner

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So yesterday I was catching up on the reviews I had missed, when I came across a tune by Birdinator99
called Spectral Sojourner. This tune was amazing from start to finish and left me speechless. Everything was so perfect, it gave me so many ideas and even though it was perfect I totally wanted to tinker around with it. (I know if it ain't broke, don't try fix it, but I just wanted to do something with this so badly for some odd reason.) I put this on my iPod and played it like 200 times before I went to bed at like 2am. As soon as I woke up this morning, I was in ACID, messing around with this, slicing it up and stuff.

I sliced this, and transposed it a tone upwards and spaced out the slices just enough so they would have a bumpy effect (I only did this for the beginning for the sort of broken record effect). I used a drum kit I didn't even know I had on my PC, I accidentally clicked a folder called "extra audio", and this huge folder of drums opened up, I was like O_____O! MUST USE, THEY AWESOME XD. Seriously, I was oblivious to this. I didn't really make it better, as I think the original is epic in it's own right and is probably now the best tune to come from NG in my opinion at this point in time. It was amazing to say the least- yet some dumb idiot had the nerve to give the original a 6? *facepalm* some people never learn. Here's my rendition / remix of an amazing song.

Find it here: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/385524

{Still needs re-levelling and mastering, but this is just here 'till I do that hehe}

Dear Birdinator, thank you for letting me sample this tune~ you're a lot better than you think you are. . Hats off to you man!

Anwar Louis ^_^

Enjoy and happy listening :)



awesome intro i was bought by that.

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thanks! :D

Those breakbeats...

sound so WICKED. Dude this is so trippy I love it :D!
3:50... wow... I wasn't expecting this, so amazing! Very well done! this part reminds me a lot to some castlevania ice stage or something like that. In this part the beats are so perfect, excellent man!
I'd like the beats more subtle in some parts though, but this probably has to do with taste. I guess the mastered version will be just orgasmic :D
Keep up the badass work, Anwar!

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ChampionAnwar responds:

Trippy? Oh really? Thanks for the compliments, I guess the drums closer to the latter could be more subtle, I tried having the glitched hat as the subtle and my breakbeat kit the harder to make contrast like layering and such =P.
I'll post the mastered version soonish hehe, when I get the chance to finish it and stuff.


I did NOT expect this lol.

Putting our musical styles together gets some wicked awesome results. I can't thank you enough for this. It's one thing to make music, but to have it considered good enough to remix is a different story.

Breakbeat makes everything better mahaha.

Great stuff!

ChampionAnwar responds:

I don't JUST do breakbeats ya know =P Well thanks for letting me sample your tune man, I still can't stop listening to it on my iPod. 95% of breakbeat makes stuff better XD. Thanks again for your ongoing support man, it's always a pleasure to know that I'm doing it right by at least one person :D!

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Dec 24, 2010
3:59 PM EST
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