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this is a re upload but i did change the filters for a hand ful of things !

ps dose any one know how to make a sound that sounds like a big group of people stomping. and a big group of people claping and the same time to the beat?

and my bass seems to always lower all the other sounds how would i fix that?

keep in mind i am fairly new to this in my eyes so dont be to harsh !


It's very nice.

At first, since I heard the clap and stuff I figured it was gonna be a hip hop song. It kind of falls under the hip hop, or trance genre too. It sounds really good, except I had to turn my speakers down at the beginning xD


RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

i tryed slowing the beat down for this song this is the second half after the breakdown so genre is still up in the air! untill the first halfs done x.x
lisoning back on this theres still alot of work x.x grr


Well, the beginning sounds distorted, bc your using a very low lead-
as far, not many manage to control bass at this level like you are.
so my compliments on that :P

the ambient part is clean as far as my ears can reach.

kick.. well,.. ill keep my mouth shut abt the kick this time xD
im a prick at reviewing kicks xD

as for the lead your using.. not kind the style i like, but if you like it, keep going man!

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

i been spending alot of my time working out the bass in my songs x.x leads and stuff have been easy to me and i know how they work its just bass thats been bugging me so i been focosing on it alotttt
so im glad you think its nice ^.^
for my lv!
but looking back on this its bugging me x.x
ty for ur time ^.^


I actually really like this melody, the sound seems to lower and come back at random parts though, might've been my shitty computer. ANYWAYS, uhm, you can download plugins/packs with effects and different instruments off the internet if you want the big group of people sound.. Oooooor, you could find the instrumental for We Will Rock You, by Queen, and tear it up. :) By instrumental I think I mean sample..
I 5-bombed this spit right hurr lmao stay up.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

nope its the bass way over powering everything XD

Pretty good

Your bass lowering all other sounds would be because the soundwaves are just that fricken big, that they're blocking out all the other sounds. The beat is good when it's consistent on four-on-the-floor (1-2-3-4-). The bass is really nice and deep, but don't over indulge the listener in it. I noticed the filter changes, too, the hi-hat sounds killer!

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

how would i fix so said prob? i mean it fixes it if i turn it down to the point i cant hear it.
i dont get what you mean when you says four on the floor?
are you talking bout he part thats after the intro where the kicks are at every 4 and everything unlike near the ending where the kicks fallow the pattern more so thin timeing? cos that was me trying something new.
the hi hat is vary simple lol all i did was 1 had the panning go from l to r
and at the slow parts i turned on reverb!
also there where not many filter changes at all to notice XD
bass over all turned really good to me i maid them to lison with my sub and i tryed not makeing them to noticeable so they wouldent be distracting
i put alot of work in on this song and i know im not done

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Dec 23, 2010
7:04 PM EST
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