Spectral Sojourner

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Made in my music technology class.

I see this one as the story of a ghost looking for eternal rest in the afterlife. Each section represents a different attempt at communicating with the world and its inhabitants. The people are confused by his/her presence, and often become frightened or misinterpret whatever message is being sent to them.

The ghost is angered by this (represented by the drums coming in), and starts to rage about, trying to hurt anyone he/she crosses, any way he/she can. This section doesn't sound very angry, just more pronounced, merely because his/her emotional outbursts are in vain. After all, different spectral planes have limited interaction, do they not?

The last chord represents a final cry for help, which echoes throughout space, heard only by other specters with similar problems.

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Sounds jazzy

This has a relaxing feel but makes me feel like I was tripping on some sort of drug at the same time and seeing very weird things appear before me as well. The keyboard and bass sound really nice to say the least actually. The chorus is pleasing and relaxed sounding as well. The weird slight scratch sounds I hear make me feel good as well.

This has a subtly ambient feel to it as well as if I could relax after having just told a story to an audience. I also get slightly reminded of Giygas as well.

Overall, slightly odd but still a very good song as well.

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Birdinator99 responds:

Odd is good, but trippy is better!

Glad I got the bass to work somewhat as well.

Never played Mother or Earthbound, but I suppose I'll get around to it :3
That's where he's from, right? *panics and looks around*

Flippin good.

Hey Birdinator99,

Pretty fantastic synth you got going on there. I like the wobbles that occur in the main synth, and the wonderful pads that generate the emotion. The story goes along perfectly with it, but the main synth makes it sound like a cheesy 80's movie soundtrack, to be honest. (Which i LOVVVVE :3)

You are led thru the track with the feeling you are taking a journey of the meanest kind. I didn't see a ghost, but more of a futuristic scene with a rogue renegade walking down an empty street. The wind in his hear, he cocks his pistol and braces for anyone to come out to fight him. Epic.

You're one with a knack for very nice chord structures and riffs, and know how to lead someone on a unique journey through music. I like the way things seem to fit within the genre of whatever you are composing.

--Wow! Factor--
I was amazed by the style of music that came my way when I heard this. Because most NGers want to be modern and hip-ish, there's not often you hear the makes of a good 80's classic. That's where everyone's going right now, isn't it? Retro?

--Personal Tilt--
I loved most of it, because it was creepy and epic, raising up emotion in you. Some chords felt out of place though, only because all the others seemed to fit perfectly. You are a man of great musical talent and I love you :3 Thanks for letting me listen.

--Production-- = 16/20
--Experience-- = 19/20
--Innovativity-- = 18/20
--Wow! Factor-- = 16/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 17/20




Birdinator99 responds:

I like to think that the story behind the music is just as if not more important than the music itself, so I thank you for noticing that.

I love the 80s as well :3

Glad to see I'm still pulling off good scores here -- thanks very much!

Well done

This is probably the favorite audio submission I have reviewed today!
I really enjoy the little story you have behind it in the description, definitely gives the listener a neat way of thinking of it while listening, however everybody hears and sees things a different way.

When the drums came in, I thought of Alan Parsons Project for some reason, haha! And they're brilliant, so I hope that means something to you when I say that, given you have heard of them.
This is an excellent song my man, don't stop doing what you're doing, ever. Music like this is worth money.

Birdinator99 responds:

lol you actually have no idea how awesome that is -- I've definitely heard of them. Don't worry, I plan to continue doing this kind of stuff.

Thanks very much.

I dunno what that last guy was smoking.

This is absolutely beautiful. I would say I would have liked some harder drums but I love it the way it is, and no way does this deserve a six! The whole way throughout I was loving it, I loved your transitions through sections. They were epic, and memorising to say the least.

Only thing I would say to improve is nothing. Keep it that way, it's amazing, to heck with what other people say. Ambient at its finest. If it's okay, can I sample this and stuff? I'd love to turn this into some sort of break beat jive (knowing how busy I am, I have no idea if I'd even get it done in the next two years aha).

Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing. . Just amazing.

Birdinator99 responds:

Everyone's got their opinion, and I'll respect that, but I'm glad you like it!

Yea, go ahead and sample it -- remixes are always cool.

Thanks for your feedback!

The drums aren't "angry" enough

I get a good feel for what the ghost is doing in the beginning, but I feel like the drums should be louder, more pronounced, and faster. If they where then I would be able to feel the anger of the ghost. As for the song as a whole, it's ok.

Birdinator99 responds:

Fair enough; I'm sorry it didn't work for you.

Thanks for your review!

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Dec 22, 2010
4:45 PM EST
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