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Scorched Hair and Burnt Guitar

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Been meaning to do THIS COVER forever. And it's dedicated to those people who feel the world on their shoulders.

The original song: "Shiroi Natsu to Midori no Jitensha Akai Kami to Kuroi Guitar" -- The Pillows

So, as with all the other songs... this is lo-fi. DEAD AIR GALORE.

It's awesome... until the end haha. Those high notes are impossible, and my voice gets so thin. I doubled it at the end, as an experiment.

All of that said, please... enjoy.

I'm innocent 'cuz it's all I desired
The days go by fast, all subpar
Kept riding my bike, I'll never get tired
The sun burned my hair, scorched my guitar

A loving old friend, a friendly kindness
For me to survive, this love dies
I'm tired of lies, they cause me truth blindness
This lyric's revealed what I despise
What I despise

I'm used to this life,
All of the loneliness inside
This sorrow's just a knife,
Gotta put the tears somewhere aside

I'm just an old fool, a fool's breath I take
When I try to forget all the bad taste
I'd play in a daze, these army men I'd break
Did they ever advance? Were they misplaced?
Were they misplaced?

Can you not feel the burn
While the pain's freezing us again?
Oh, don't we ever learn?
If we're special, why does it end?

Even though I tried,
I still hope the sky will overflow
No, I cannot deny
Imperfections aren't so

I'm innocent 'cuz it's all I desired
The days go by fast, all subpar
Kept riding my bike, I'll never get tired
The sun burned my hair, scorched my guitar
Scorched my guitar, hello?

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Very nice

The lyrics sound just beautiful actually and the guitar slightly reminds me of Interpol actually. This sounds pretty good to me as well and I really am enjoying hearing it. You should try to add a bass line and drums to it as well and it could sound even more blissful and wonderful. Really like these kind of indie songs though as they are real peaceful sounding.

Makes me think of when I was younger as well and I slightly hear a guitar sounding like a piano as well. Really like how this sounds as well, great work here.

Review Request Club

Ryanson responds:

Interpol? Sounds familiar, but I'm not sure.

I'll check them out, but in return I ask that you should check out the Pillows. They're the original (Japanese) band that I covered from. Their title for this song is different, but I adapted it into English so it deserved a different title.

My mission all along was to make my guitar sound like a piano. Mission success :)

Thanks for the review

Pretty good

The vocals are nice, but I'd really recommend getting some better equipment to record with... It seems you're quite dedicated to making your music so I would suggest that you spend some cash on getting studio gear, learn how to use it and make some better sounding music.

The guitar is nice, I've said this in another submission of yours, you're good at guitar.
The one issue I had was the 'ooooooh' parts, sounded a little off compared to the rest of the vocals, if that's what you were shooting for then that's good... Same is said with the 'yeeaaah' parts, or whatever is being said.

At the part around 3:14 it sounded a little worse quality wise, you have a good voice, but the quality is just not very good there as it seems you begin trying to get louder... That being said, I'd suggest you do work on getting some better equipment. Besides that, keep it up.

4/5 / 7/10


Ryanson responds:

Yeah, I hated doing it. But I SO wanted to do it. I wanted to for so long. In fact, I wanna do a bunch of songs. Just gonna take a bit to do them all. As soon as I do, I'll find another I want to do. :P

Now personally I disagree. The "ooh"s before the guitar solo, I think, sound real good. I did the same sort of doubling on the solo it self. But to each their own. That's why I asked for a critic's opinion. :)

Thanks for the review.

Deadpan lo-fi beautifulness.

Hey ryanson,

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't need a new mic, nor a metronome. I absolutely love the lo-fi mixing and your off-beat lyrics are quirky and beautiful. I agree you can't hit the note at the end, but I'd reckon taking the double voice off and try to do a harmony :) The mixing of the background at 3:00 is amazing.

It's a great journey from the 'subpar' drudgery to an all-out singfest at the end. The repetitive guitar strum is a staple for the song, and holds it all together beautifully. You should make it into a medley.

The style of your singing is separate and different and new. It's got a special quality to it, that doesn't necessarily need the perfect pitch. I mean, let's face it, most indie bands don't have that great vocalists anyway. They just have vocalists who have soul and relatability. You have.

--Wow Factor--
I wasn't wowed at first, but I like the intimacy of just the mere guitar and your voice. I would recommend putting drums to it near the end to up the intensity, but apart from that, it's most interesting from start to finish.

--Personal Tilt--
I like it. It's quite deadpan and almost emo, but it's got a happy feeling about it too. There's a rainbow on the horizon, where joy lies :) Just strive for your best and try the truth. Thanks for letting me listen.

--Production-- = 18/20
--Experience-- = 17/20
--Style-- = 16/20
--Wow Factor-- = 15/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 15/20




Ryanson responds:

Thanks again for the review!

I don't know whether to laugh at the title. "Deadpan" lol. I'll take what I can get

I would totally use drums if I had them.

Man, I'm so scared. I want you to review my original content as opposed to my covers. Idk what you'd say though haha.

oh gosh

i really like this but you need a better mic
hopefully you can get one
cuz i'd totes love this song even more
this is naice

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Dec 21, 2010
10:08 PM EST
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