Lets Murder Santa f.Mortician

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This is a collab with Mortician97 (http://mortician97.newgr ounds.com/) his first track on the mic or something.
Anyway, here's my lyrics... I dunno his... Will work on getting them.
Just a little side project sort of track.
Merry Christmas.
Will be a bonus track on my upcoming full length.

Baalberith (me):
lookin for saint nick
hes my number one pick
n ill rape mrs claus
make her suck my dick
im my cities most feared
and im huntin down that bitch
with the big white beard
im in the north pole
they all think im weird
elves are gonna witness
santas blood get smeared
all on the walls
and the little girls new dolls
put bombs in the toys
they gonna kill all the boys

when i finally find his house
i bust through the door
tie him to a chair
and i undress his spouse
old saggin titties and
it still gets me hard
when im all finished with her
the corpse is gettin charred
bathe her in gas
and i still smack that ass
im not thru with her
i just stab her with some glass
throw her in a room
and unleash nerve gas

untied santa claus
and he ran real fast
tried to catch up
but i went right past
all the elves behind
feel a big bomb blast
i can be professional
but i like my murder sloppy
whole worlds been huntin
nobody can stop me
when i caught santa claus
i ripped his tongue out
killin everybody i see
to be devout
strapped him to a table
should i stab him in the chest
dexter would
but i wanna make a mess

i know some contract killers
but i do it all for less
im fuckin up christmas
this is my business
he cant take the pain
now santas finally dead
i threw him in a bag
and dismembered his head
rollin down the streets
in santas big sleigh
cruisin down the pole
they aint got shit to say
well fuck you bitch
this whole holidays gay

mortician make your mark
nobody could stop us
not even tony stark
infect you with our rhymes
and they come real dark
stealin santas sleigh
and burnin noahs ark


im at the north pole
about to murder this ho
santa motha fuckin claus
gonna slice off his balls
but first up, mrs claus
sittin in a rocking chair
i sneak up behing her there
and im thinkin "how am i gonna dismember this slut?"
chainsaw? naw, they make noise too much.
bitch hears me breathing, fuck that
crank it up and cut up the cunt
into the pelvis, chainsaw grinds
guts and bone squirt in my eyes
i look at her face, terrified pain
rip out the chainsaw, put my hammer in her brain
blood sprays from her ears
why do i feed on all her fears?
i wanna rape the slut,but i cant anymore
cuz i already tore the cunt out of this whore

a bloody fuckin murder pile
mrs clause was worth my while
but now for the prize
gouging out santas eyes
leavin the house, bloody feelin sick
out on a path lookin for st. nick
a light i spy on in their ware house
making a stirring, like that fuckin mouse
open up the door with a big fucking bang
gonna cut up santa clause with the strength of a gang
i stab him in the gut just to make an impression
before he start stressing, i got a smith an wessen
but im not gonna use it, gonna make him feel it
make a slice in his skin, start to fuckin peel it
back from the muscle
dude starts to fuckin struggle
Pull the muscle from the bone

take the cleaver from his throat
use the end, the bone broke
old santa claus is dying
nice and fucking slow
ill cut some more, call it the final blow
an ice pick through the head of his dick
i might slice up his face and his lips
i left santa clause dismembered, you hoes
with his blood, bone, and muscle exposed
I think my bloodthirst has been quenched
ill be back with you if i feel it again.



Bravo. Absolutely amazing. Musical perfection

Luke responds:

We are the bomb diggidy.

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Dec 21, 2010
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