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Era of Peace

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Author Comments

This is an ambient track made for a desolate samurai village.


Gently made

That's so slow...and so calm. Very sweet sounds!


The legendary Samurai warrior walks in his gardens. Its quiet, the birds are singing. The samurai heads off to the woods, hand on his katana, ready to kill anyone who is a threat. He keeps walking.... but suddenly he gets suprised by an archer. The archer shoots at the samurai, but missed. The samurai makes his run at the archer, but only to get an arrow into his lungs. The samurai falls to the ground, still breathing.. barely. The archer walks next to the samurai, grabs his katana and sticks it through the samurai's head. Once done this, the archer takes a few steps back from the samurai and bows to the body. Then the archer walks off. The body of the legendary samurai now lays on the ground, dead. A small bird flys by and sits in the top of the katana sticking out from the ground. The bird looks down at the dead samurai.... a tear falls down the birds cheek. As it drops down onto the samurais body, it starts to vanish. Once vanished, there now lays a hawk on the spot where the samurai's body was. The hawk is asleep.... When the hawk wakes up, it stands up and spreads his wings, taking off up to the sky. And from there, into the spirit world.....

5/5 10/10

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what i picture in my head

a samurai is sharping his blade for one final battle his wife and child are crying becuase they know that he might die he kisses his wife and tells his son and wife that if he doesnt come back that they both try to be happy as best as they can then goes off to face his opponet one last time they fight through out the night then the father comes home bloody but happy then that same night he died in his sleep the next moring his wife and son bury him and places his sword ontop of his grave and the mother bows to honor her husband the son bows to honor his beloved dad and he promises to be like him one day then they leave his grave crying

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This is a good song.
It could be like...that prologue thing they show you before an RPG. And it's really boring to watch, but you don't skip it 'cause the music is really good. At least that's how I do it...


A samurai is sitting beneath the cherry blossoms in the early evening. leaves are drifting down from the trees. He reaches up to grab a few, seems to examine them, and lets the wind take them away. The samurai then stands up, and begins to walk.

The camera cuts to a vast field at sunrise. Rice is growing here, but it obviously has not been tended for a long time; the stalks are enormous, seeming almost as tall as the samurai. In the distance, you can see the wreckage of a few humble huts, blasted and destroyed by a nameless foe.

Next, the samurai is walking through a desert. It is midday, and the sun glares down on him like the eye of some forgotten god. You can barely see ancient statues and ruins rising out of the sand, scarred and pitted by the ravages of time.

Finally, the samurai is walking along a broken highway. What appears to be cars are scattered along the edges, though they are twisted almost beyond recognition. The samurai reaches a cliff, stops, and looks up. As the camera zooms out, you can see the remains of an unspeakably vast city, the fires of war slowly erasing it from the earth.

That's the image(s) that popped into my head when I heard this. Good going!

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Credits & Info

Dec 14, 2005
7:46 AM EST
File Info
2.6 MB
2 min 52 sec
4.23 / 5.00

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.