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Era of Peace

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Author Comments

This is an ambient track made for a desolate samurai village.


made me cry a bit...

despite the name, I feel its the perfect music for when someone dies...

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Well made! Slow and really captures an ambient song's essence.

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The legendary warriors. once there were to little kids play in the center of town play around and being foolesh like kids are, thay were the best of friends there names were jonah and wes, one day the town was attcked, people were fleeing but few got away, jonah and wes ran back to there famlyes but only jonah's famly was alive, he ecapes but wes was taken by the enemy, many years pass and thay both have grown into great warriors both wining coutless battels both reaching the highest ranks, one day the 2 nations meet in combat but insted of fighting it all out and loseing man the leaders of the nations agree that thay will each send there greatest warrior to fight eachother and whoever loses that nation will serender, the leaders go and fech there greatest warrior to fight the two walk onto the battel field, whan jonah sees its wes he becomes in shook at the sight of his friend whom he thought had died, "wes my old friend *saying with a smile but wes answers back with his sword* wes what has got into you" "YOU LEFT ME FOR DEAD, YOU NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHT TO CALL ME FRIEND *swings his sword trying to kill jonah with every move* the two fight on into the day intell the sun begins to set, thay lock blades " wes you need to listen to me i thought you were dead other wise i would have went to save you i am sry my friend" "I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME FRIEND" thay fight each leaveing the other baterd and bloody, thay stop for a moment only to breath "JONAH THIS HAS GONE ON TO LONG NOW I MUST END THIS" *wes charges at him and thrust his sword through his gut* jonah coughs up blood as his neckless shows throught his shirt, wes sees this and rembers it it was the his part of the neckless of a 2 piece neckless that had bought to show there bond to eachother, jonah looks up at the expresion on wes's face, "you rember this, its your part of the neckless we bought, i kept it all theys years because i still rember you and i never will forget" *wes hideing his face as he begins to cry* "that day whan the town was attcked i went back to get but your house was gone all i saw was your part of the neckless and i thought you were dead *coughs up more blood as his breath begins to fail him* im sry my friend *jonah falls to the ground* the nation cheers as there victory, wes walks over to his master and thrust sword into his gut "you filled my head with lies and for that you will die *wes pull sword out of his gut and chops off his head,, wes walks over to jonah body holds his head up as jonah smiles and laughs " its good to have you back old friend but im afraid my time is up "wes" no your pull through "jonah" please take this *hands him both parts to the neckless* wes gluchs them in his head* il see you in the after life my friend *jonah slowly closes his eyes as his heart slowly fades away, as holds his friend to his shoulder and crys* "you are forgiven my friend. *wes carrys him to the place were thay first met and burys him, places his sword at the top of his grave as his tompstone then he bows with respect to his fallen friend* you were a great warrior and you'l always be stronger then i ever was........ rest in peace my friend my we meet again in the afterlife..............

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This is great

As many said before me this has lots of feelings inside of it .
What it really does it make you get the point of peace. This is what we'd want peace for , it's one of the best I've heard so far on NG
respect man , keep it up , it's a job well done

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This is great!

I pictured a battle-torn world... and then a samuria sitting next to a blooming tree. The samuria was bloody, cut, and hurt. He then look out at the awful destroyed world.
He then has a tear slide down his cheek, and he faintly smiles. He lies down and closes his eyes, trieng to remember a battle... the battle that destroyed the world. He can't though, all he sees is a white light. He slowly awakes, to find himself in a warm mist, and the only thing he sees are pink flower petals, floating around in what seems a never-ending lang. He then falls asleep... dead with a smile...

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Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2005
7:46 AM EST
File Info
2.6 MB
2 min 52 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.