MMS - Platysomus

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MMS stands for MrSaint, Mich and SineRider.
Platysomus is an extinct fish, but it sounded nice, so it'll do as a title.

Anyway, we started this a couple of weeks ago, and I've just now got around to finish up the mixdown.
I started out with some synthetic computer music stuff (which is most of the first minute or two).

Then MrSaint recorded some dreamy vocals bathed in reverb. It sounds a bit like he's saying "smoooooth" at first, that's him. Then SineRider did his sweet guitar piece, along with some extra synths he's added in.

I mixed in MrSaint's vocals some more, and some small synth lines of my own, which are barely audible.

Some technical information: The main project file was managed by me, and was done in FL studio 9. MrSaint and I sent some flp's back and forth, but in the end we settled with audio clips that I mixed in.

SineRider used Ableton, and thus produced his stuff and exported it, then sent it my way.

SineRider's comments:
All of my parts were sequenced in Ableton Live. The Art & Lutherie acoustic guitar was recorded with a Zoom H2 Field recorder. I also used the wonderful, free, Wollo FM vsti plugin for pads. Some of the background vocals were sung by me as well.

MrSaint's comments:
I feel like I didn't contribu.te that much, but I was happy to collab with Mich and SineRider. enjoy the track.

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Ooooh, atmospheric!

I love the slow, ambient feel on this one. As an avid pen and paper geek, I can already imagine the use of this song as background music in a dozen different scenarios - it has that simple yet interesting and versatile flow that is really welcome in any ambient song, at least in my view.

The general mood of the songs somehow invokes the picture of a frozen-over cavern with waterfalls held still by the ice, as though the entire song is merely an echo in a large enclosed space stopped by the frost.

The combo of the slow reverbed pads and the occasional guitar and bell melodies creates a soothing feel that just has to leave a sense of peace in the listener. The resonating keeps the entire set very calm, while leaving enough room for variation not to make it boring. Extremely relaxing and mellow. A song to fall asleep to, but in the good way. The best way possible, actually.

All in all, an excellent piece, and definitely a welcome addition to any chill out soundtrack I could think of. Nice work on all of your accounts! ;)

Mich responds:

I definitely agree with the peaceful feeling.

I honestly don't know what else to say, thanks you for the nice review, and I (we) am (are) glad you enjoy the piece. :)


This song starts off sounding very sandy, as if I am walking through a dessert in the night, watching, waiting, looking for somewhere to go. I love the feel of it. It sounds very middle easter, yet at the same time it reminds me of a nice ambient feel that im use to. I love the deep pads in the background mixed with the constant, nice repetition of that simple dinging. That SFX in the bg is awesome and calming.

This song gets very dark and very strange. Some sounds seem to just come from nowhere, as I am lost in the overwhelming wave of sounds. The guitar was such a nice, vivid touch. Its like I finally understand where to go in the song, and climb out of the dessert to find something strange and exotic. Perhaps I am looking at a city, charred, old, and barren, lost in the middle of the dessert. Am I the only one living? What happened? How long have I been in the dessert?

Then certain warm sounds are brought in that make me feel like somebody else is there, yet the feeling of someone else being with me is only a memory of me wlaking down these once busy streets, meeting people, talking, and holding my child as he smiles. Then I come to the realization that everyone that I once knew and loved, is gone. Everything never mattered. I am just as lonely as the cracked, dusty walls of the collapsed structures around me.

Near the end, I feel acceptance. I feel at peace. I feel very nice and warm. The voices you put in there are a very nice touch, repeating just as the small, simple ding was in the beginning. Very nice collab guys. Underrated to the extreme. I'm glad I found this little gem.


Mich responds:

I must say I quite enjoy the visuals you get with songs. The dark and strangeness is probably due to the scales used, which I don't even remember anymore. :p

All I know is that I stuck to the scale we picked, and SineRider wandered about with it, in his piece.

Thanks for the lovely review, it's much appreciated. :)

MMS is an awesome project

I just feel high by this amazing piece of experimental sounds working well together... I can never make a truly ambient piece, I can see why that was so hard. Great job!

Nice guitar work, Sine, loved hearing something familiar inside this waterfall of sounds...

One of the first ambient tracks I could truly get lost inside without feeling a bit stupid. Awesome work, guys!

Mich responds:

Woo, glad you enjoyed it CoreMan. :)

Thanks for the review!

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Dec 16, 2010
4:33 PM EST
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