Solus - Endless Space(CFremix)

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Solus - Endless Space (Clayfacer Remix)
(Full title, couldnt fit it all in lulz)

Hard Trance remix woo woo! Something quick I threw together for the SRS remix competition, go check da tred ovr hurrr dewd:

http://www.newgrounds .com/bbs/topic/1209466

High quality download link coming soon!


This song's amazing.

A pro style track on NG, who would have thought.

I don't care what the people down below say about it, this song's definitely good, it's got the progression that nicely suits the genre. Not everything is Basshunter/Euro-Trance. 'Bout time NG actually understood this.

Anyway, awesome job on the song, definitely nice. You definitely know what you're doing with this.

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The reason I visit NG

It reminds of other popular songs in the genre, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It definitely has polish, and a smooth buildup to a chase that doesn't disappoint as far as varied content goes. The song truly blossoms at 4:30 and becomes a true masterpiece, holding every second of my attention. Very enjoyable.

Beautiful 5/5... one of the few true artists on NG.

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One the fewest songs where I got through that 8 minutes with no hint of boredom EVER. If nothing else, I think that is one of the hardest things to ever do in any song.

Truly amazing work.

Energetic or what?

The drums and synth snippets in the start were very similar to your Above and Beyond/ Armin intro. The vocal cuts in the background sounded nice, and the buildup was good as well.

The bass sounds fantastic, again, very A&Bish and kinda generic, but still sounds nice. The drums sounded nice as well.

I think at 1:40-ish there should have been more than the arp melody and the vocal snippet. I'm thing like a string pad or an extra layer of drums. The Bass changing melody in that section was pretty cool as well.

The drop out for the drums and the bass was great. The synth lead that follows is fantastic.

Nice sounding trance track, good to hear NG trance again (Oh man, I've missed it!)

Good job with this remix


Ste :)

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Well the effort truly shines right through this one, a full eight minutes long is nice to hear. The vocals add an amazing touch to the song and were definitely a good decision, in my opinion. They give it a very professional sound.

The synths themselves sound good, and the melodies were well thought out and flow well.

The percussion sounds a bit trendy and trance for my liking, but it did work well with the song. It just sounded a bit...last decade to me...

The glitchy part was a great idea, and it worked...ok. I don't think it flowed as well as an AFX song would with glitching...I mean the sounds were cool, they just didn't musically flow that great. It did sound good nonetheless though.

Overall it's a great tune, just pointing out a few minor things I noticed. Keep up the great work.


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Dec 13, 2010
8:51 PM EST
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