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I'll start by saying that this is a collaboration with a good friend of mine Decibel (we're using this shared account Raven-Guard to submit it). Check out his profile over here (remove space):

http://decibel.newgrounds .com

Anyway, this is my second ever attempt at a DnB song, first being a TERRIBLE attempt that I did over a year ago which you can find over here:

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/279722

Now, I'm much more proud of this submission than I am with the one I linked above. I'll have to thank Decibel for making the song which got me to work on a DnB track after a long time, since after I did the first one, I thought I had no hope at DnB. Basically, Decibel made a large portion of the song a few months ago, and showed it to me. Despite my insisting that it had loads of potential, he let it go, and then after some convincing, I managed to get him to let me help him finish the song, so he sent the project file to me and I produced the final version.

For the sake of convenience, here's what each of us did:

- Created the first version of the song.
- Made that extremely catchy melody.
- Made/chose most of the sounds, namely that DnB lead which he made using 3xOsc.
- Made the intro and the break with the square lead part in the middle of the song.
- Chose most of the drum samples.
- Did most of the effects.

- Completely redid the structure of his old song, changing transitions here and there (such as 0:56).
- Continued and ended the song.
- Entirely redid the drums, using the same drum samples and adding my own.
- Tweaked volume levels and stopped the song from clipping to infinity.
- Changed a lot of the sounds, and added a new sound and melody at the end.
- Varied the song more, and played around with EQing here and there too.
- Thought of the name.

So yeah... this uses Vanguard, 3xOsc, Sytrus, layered Vengeance samples and Magical 8-bit, along with a number of different effects.

That's it I guess. Hope you enjoy this track, and if we get enough good feedback, we may continue it. Also, if you want it looped, just send me or Decibel a PM. Enjoy!

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I only have one complaint about this piece. I wish it was longer. Great job!

Raven-Guard responds:

Yeah, true :(.

Thanks for the feedback!

lets break it down shall we?

now, i really liked this song, i really did. you guys did a fantastic job with it. though i did feel it wasn't entirely up to snuff to what it could be. not to say it was bad, i downloaded it and it will go on my ipod :) but a few things could have been different and/or better

let me give you some of my thoughts on whatcha have here:

LEADS - your lead is a very good strong point for this song, and the choice of instrument you used is superb, it fits perfectly! you get a double thumbs up from me for that lead alone :) one of the best lead's ive heard in a DNB song.

but, i did feel the way it slowly comes in at the beginning was a little off, it probably would have sounded better not to have the gradual transition and to just let it play. its not a bad transition but it could have been different.

BASS - Also well done, the bass fits in pretty well with everything else. i love the note placement too :P its not just a single bassline it changes a bit and thats a good thing.

PADS - I don't really hear many if any pads, pads make a song sound great, i think you could have added in a pad at 0:37 and let it play for that sequence. like maybe a choir.

i did hear a pad come in after that part though and it does sound pretty darn good :P

DRUMS - your kick was a little weak, the snare fits well as does the hi-hat. i might suggest turning up the kick volume a little. most good DNB songs tend to have easier to hear drum kicks that flow well.

MASTERING - Sounds great, good job on mastering it :) no sounds seem to stand out too much or too little, except the drum but only a little bit.

NAME - ok not really a category but i did feel your name "beyond control" was a bit off, doesn't sound like a fitting name for this song. you should try to think of the theme of the song and what it sounds like.

like for example, this makes me think of a futuristic race, so if i were to name it i would pick something like "race of the future" or something along that line, i think you get what im saying.

MOOD - Great mood for this song, relaxing, yet hyper. thats always a good thing, especially with a DNB song.

LENGTH - too short! D: i can definitely enjoy it as is but i would like to have enjoyed it a bit longer, you know what im saying? though the length is pretty good for a game if someone were to use it. you should consider uploading a 3-4 minute version. i would totally check that out :P

THINGS THAT WERE MISSING (no my caps lock isn't broken, it just turns on whenever it wants to, which happens to be when im picking a category :P)

i think that you could have added some stuff to this and it would possibly make the song sound a little better. this includes:

-bells - it would have sounded pretty awesome to add some bell sounds in at around 1:02. im not talking bells like what you would hear in a clock tower i mean like chimes or something along that line.

-Piano - a piano, for sure, adds flavor to most any song. though it might not work with the mood a piano might have sounded cool if you did some low notes at one or two spots or even a high note during that break at 1:00.

-some extra notes on the intro

this is something i noticed adds a cool little punch to an intro most of the time. when your intro is building up it would be cool to mix in some high and low notes right before the drums come in, or even like a violin or something.

anyway this review is reaching the end of the character limit so lets wrap things up :D

LEAD: well done! i like it alot and not much else i can say about it!


BASS: also well done and, once again, not much else i can say about it!


MASTERING: nothing seems to be too loud or too quiet, except for the aforementioned drum kick


LENGTH: i did feel it was a bit too short and cut off too fast, you should really consider re-uploading a longer length version


OVERALL: excellent song, i am downloading it and putting on my ipod, you also get a 5 and a favorite from me :D


you don't have to but if you don't mind could you review my song "BIT.TRIP part 2 - CORE"? i wanna hear what ppl think :)

Raven-Guard responds:

Dude... I really don't know where to start. Firstly, sorry for taking so long to answer. This is an alt account and admittedly I neglect to check if it gets any new reviews a lot of the time. Never expected a badass review like this, so thanks a million! :D.

Yeah I'll have to thank Decibel for the lead. It's actually made with FL Studio's 3xOsc VST and we added a few effects to it afterwards. The other sounds are random sounds I made with Sytrus, Vanguard, etc...

As for the beginning, maybe you're right about it. Probably if I add some of your ideas like the high notes to the intro it might make it a bit more interesting.

I agree with what you said about the kick. I'll probably tone it up a little and give it a bit more of a thump.

The bass is actually a simple sped-up house bass that Decibel made. Glad it works out!

Regarding the pads, I actually have the mentality that pads don't go well with DnB. The mastering was mostly done by me, since when Decibel sent it to me it was painfully loud :P.

I don't know about the name. Beyond Control was just something that came to me so that this song won't end up without a name. Maybe I'll think up something a bit more race-ish ^^.

Sorry for that length - couldn't think of any new melodies :P. And glad you like the mood!

I'll try out those bell sounds and see if I can fit the piano in :).

Thanks again for the really great review! I've got exams now so I might not review you back for a while, but I'll see if I find the time. Thanks for, like, the third time :D.

Super Awsome Neato!

some great work:)

Raven-Guard responds:

Thanks Mate!

awesome so cool

so cool i love it great song

Raven-Guard responds:

Glad you like it ^^

awesome !

I loved everything ! :D Great collaboration song guys ! 5/5 10/10

Raven-Guard responds:

Thanks a million :).

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Dec 12, 2010
5:57 PM EST
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