Moonlight Goddess - BK

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This song is dedicated to my lovely wife Bethany Canterbury.

It has been five months in the making, i worked off and on.

I have been producing music lately, just not uploading.

Leave a review and vote if you like :)

This song was written purely for the love of music and my wife :)

enjoy :)

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Is it just me?

Or does the kick and snare appear to sound exactly the same as the one from Tiesto's - "Bend It Like You Don't Care"...? I inverted and subtracted it from the original song and the two are a perfect match. :\

Bracksta responds:

very good :) yes i did sample that snare and kick, it fit perfectly :)


its the beat thats really catchy and keeps you hooked. great song mate uve improved a lot!

Sounds Great!

First of all, congratulations with the marriage!

Now on to the song. I love it. It sounds great and it's very well mixed. You are really improving and getting better and better. I wish I was improving at the same rate! lol

I really love the lead starting at 2:45 and on.

Great work and keep it up,

Sounds pretty good

The intro before the whole song starts up sounds kind of just liek you were hiting a few random notes on keyboard but it soon turns genius when the whole song starts to kick in. Kind of makes me think of it as a vocaloid beat for one of the twins' songs that they would sing to anyways. The way it just sounds is great actually. The drum beat sounds nice and light and the part where the song quiets down is cool and then it all picks back up after the piano breakdown or whatever you would call it. The other keyboard playing is also nice as well.

The snaps and claps are also nice as well since it mellows the song out a little bit as well as it sounds to me. This song most likely can not be improved as it already sounds really nice to me and I like it as well. Would you mind if I added lyrics to this song at all to give it a bit more of a pop feel to it? Even though it is a house song it sounds very cool.

Overall, there is no way to improve a good tune like this, great job on this as well. Look forward to more in the future.

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I liked this one a lot! The beggining wasn't too great, it seemed it was going to be a song w/out anything good, but in the 0:14 second, you variated and the song started to get cool, I liked the variations you did in the back beat, but the main melody kept the same!! You could have changed that melody when you added the background beats.

The song is very cool, I liked its concept, the melody and the beat are super cool, too bad you didn't variated too much the main melody, it'd be a great song if it had more variations like the 2:52 part, it was the best art of the song for me, I liked the life it gave to the song, all those background sounds mixed with the main melody were awesome, I loved that part, it was really very creative!!

Anyway, that's a good song, my only complain are the repetitions, you pretty much only repeated the same melody the whole song, you could have changed the notes a bit, variated the notes, and not only work the song in simply one base. But the song is awesome anyway, I liked it... Keep it up dude! Awesome job!

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Dec 12, 2010
12:37 AM EST
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