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This is mah song, 95% done.

Over 64 sounds/instruments :O

20 Automations

3 Weeks of WORK

and almost 10 MINUTES LONG?!?!


i've put alot of work into this :O

I like it.


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Not bad

Not bad man.

Had a nice smooth pace, and good mixing and mastering.

A couple things though, from 0:00-2:46, there's waaay to much bass on that synth, and hardly enough on the kick, and the track's a tad long.

So, good pace mixing and mastering, take some bass away from that synth and add some to the kick.

3/5 8/10


SethKorn responds:

haha i responded to this, but NG deleted my response :O


Anyways, yeah, after coming back to this song, i've realized that this isn't really my best work, lol. I'm suprised you gave it an 8 to be honest xD

Thanks for the review in any case, and your tips helped :D

a tad bit long, i could hardly get past 3min

not bad,
@4.15 where that new lead comes in, i think it needs some reverb (not the saw) but then again the saw could use alittle delay/echo like "embers" unless all was intentional than just ignore me.
i would stack another kick on top of urs to give it alittle more umph

im not much of a house person, im more of a techno/dnb/dimrain fan fLOL, btw i check ur stuff routinelly for new stuff whenever i log on to submit crap.
9 for the effort other then that, the music isnt my style sorry, but @
3.14-5.00 was my favorite part as build up to the saw's come in

SethKorn responds:

lol yeah house isn't for everyone :P

the 3:14-5:00 was my favorite too. I tried adding another kick, but i overloaded it, and everything sounded like shit, even with limiters and volume control haha.

thanks for the 9 even if it wasn't your style haha. i'm looking forward to your finished WIP's :D

im going to start this as im lisoning cos this

song is quite long! and i dont want to skip around! :D
2 mins in and im likeing it :D
nothing to complain bout so far hmm2 46 ish i thought it was gunna get in to something harder :/ let down
3 40 the melody makes me happy agen ^.^
4 09 wasent a let down :D not as epic as id like but thats me! kinda catchyy! :D
6 min this brake downs been dragging on to long:/ 6 15 that random sound was like kinda outta no where
6 33 i dont like that lead sound but thats just me lol
7 40 i like how this is sounding XD plz no let down :P
8 15 i decided this was a let down agen:P
but i think its just me cos im in to more hardcore sounding music and this seems pregretional? idk XD
not bad ! needs a tish work i asome thats why it says 95% done overall i say its 4.8/5
if you can check my stuff :)

SethKorn responds:

lol i like these kind of play by play reviews. they help alot.

and yeah i'm working my way up to more "hardcore" sounding house. haha. i need to get the trance aspects down first tho.. xD

I will change up some things, and yeahhh haha ;D

Thanks for the ten, even if the song wasn't for you :D

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4.33 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2010
8:42 PM EST
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