Fine, Be Like That

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Hey guys

This is my song called "Fine, Be Like That". It's the longest song I've made so far, I'm working on things like buildup and repetition, trying to get it juuust right. Hope you enjoy my latest outing, and may it be an adventure to you :3


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Awsome track, and sounds rather sunny and tropical XD overall great song buddy

thatbennyguy responds:

Thanks RaiSkreamz much appreciated review :3


Sounds rather great

The intro with the instruments makes it sound rather nice and soft for a good pop song that is not incredibly annoying sounding which is nice. The acoustic guitar sounds nice as well. If you were to resubmit this I would only ask you not to remove this one so you can compare the two side by side to see how much you changed them and how could have changed the original some more. Also I would probably lower the bass a tad bit since it comes on as overly loud but good sounding anyway.

The keyboard sounds beautiful and blissful to the ears for those who listen to this as well. The way the song flows is just nice to hear, kind of makes you wander if in your thoughts. The drum part sounds great and reminds me of a song by "The Main Drag" as well. The song just sounds really nice to hear the whole way through. I really really liked it. Very nice job on this piece.

Overall, I look forward to more from you in the future.

Review Request Club

thatbennyguy responds:

Thanks SCTE3 for the fantastic review. Yeah the bass was very loud, I do that often. (i also lack treble sometimes.)

The keyboard was my favourite part of the whole song :) Thanks for listening!


heeeeeeeeeeey!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! :DDDD

ill cut out all that gobbly gook, technical, and musical talk and straight out say what everyone really means:
This is AWESOME!!!!!!

thatbennyguy responds:

Thanks for cutting out the gobbledy gook... sometimes we need that :)


Loved it.

Man, this song is sooooo good, chilling and beautiful. The acoustic guitar has a great sound, it's an awesome thing to listen, it is the base of the whole song!! The pian ois awesome too, it gives something nice to the song, it gives life to the song, and the main melody with the synth (hmm, I don't know what is that instrument in the 0:14 part), it sounded awesome.

The song is great, I don't have words to describe it, everything worked perfectly, the melody is great, that's why the instruments sound that perfect... It's definetively one of the bests songs I've ever heard in NG... Keep it up with the awesome work dude!! I loved this song!

-Member of the Review Request Club-

RogerBK :D

thatbennyguy responds:

Thanks RogerBK, your feedback is helpful. You make me blush by the amount of praise you pile onto this song! Thank you for listening and enjoying!



Not a bad tune, actually quite soothing. It's pretty long and I'm glad it changes so it doesn't get stale. The main melody is a tad repetitive, but I see what you were going for and I think you pulled it off. The main synth melody is great. Sounds happy and careless.

The change around 3:15 was warranted, as something needed to happen, and I liked that part quite a bit. I think it picked up the pace of the song quite well while remaining a happy and pleasant beat.

4:07 was the best by far. You timed it perfectly, and it sounded great. Not sure why you cut out the synth from 4:24-4:30 though, that to me just sounded a bit weird and uncalled for. It didn't seem in time with anything else, so I personally would have let it play out for a while longer.

The ending was great...pretty much perfect. Funny song name too, lol. Good work with this, keep it up.


thatbennyguy responds:

Hey SeeD, thanx muchly for the great review.

Repetition has never been my strong point. So instead of trying to eliminate repetition entirely, I have attempted to use reiteration to my advantage. That's what most people pick up.

The pick up at 3:15 was in actuality a fortunate accident, for when I had realised that I had been more than 3 minutes into a song where no drums had played. It turned out to be a refreshing change, as you said.

I wanted that part at 4:07 to be very effective, so I gave 8 bars of straight drums to bring drama. I was thinking of making a whoosh, but that would seem cheesy and probably ruin the song's vibe. Something else which is curious is that I was using a built-in plugin called HardCore for the main synth, which brings on its unique quality. However, this was only the trial version, so it regularly cut out of the mix (unfortunately). So perhaps when I get more funds I may at least get nicer drums first :3

Thank you for all your constructive criticism. You are really helpful and personally an amazing guy. We should totally hang out sometime. I'm free on Thursday?


(Oh, and thx for the complement on the name. I wasn't sure whether or not it would go with the song, but I went with it.)

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Dec 10, 2010
8:53 PM EST
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