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I said I wouldn't release this before the album was out. I lied.

It's breakcore, and it's easily my best song yet. I'm extremely proud of this.

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Hey this pretty hot.

Excellent beat, the only thing I would change it how the beat starts out. It just jumps in. I would try and introduce to beat with a few kicks and stuff, the have the full beat. But that's just my opinion of coarse.

Makes my bcore stuff look like shit. Proper remix!

This sounds like it was made in Renoise. Just a wild stab at it as I recognize some of the bass soundfonts used from a site that exclusively hosts XRNI and such. Whatever, on to the revieeeeeeew:

Classy intro. The strings are amazing if this was made in the aforementioned tracker, where the hell did you find 'em? Some humanization and volume changes wouldn't hurt though if you wanted them to sound a wee bit more realistic. Good melody here as well - very, very different from the original and nice. And then comes the spastic bit.

Holy shit that's a clear, glitchy sound. I envy your ability to create that without it sounding incredibly muddy and/or ear-piercing. Your attention to detail and use f certain frequencies reminds me a lot of Plugexpert's breaks and general style, but with even more glitchy-ness through the creative use of rapid DSP manipulating and chopping. As a plus, you actually change up the frequencies of the drums! The biggest mistake most newbs to the genre make is foregoing changing speeds/tempos/pitch of the samples.

Next is the bridge - awesome! The glitchy bit starting at 2:00 is doubly pro with a both solid snare beat and shitloads of Ringmod - again, a guess: this is beyond my level - things quiet down nicely and fluctuate between what fools you into thinking this will drop again (stupid term thanks to overuse) Kirlian Choices style - Flashbulb fan here, don't hate. I really like the change of melody at 3:26 and whatever the hell you did at 3:35 to create that RAVEY bass-melody that slowly lets the high frequencies pass and lets you know thats its about to drop for REAL this this time: if slightly syncopated for maximum effect.

Post-4:43 is insanely orgasmic. VSnares would be jealous, I'm sure! 5:11 in particular, but the gabber breaks after that are just unnecessary and kinda ruin that final chaotic bit. They should really only be used in moderation and short sprees as they're not as heavy as most people think they are and basically annoy the f*** out of me. Sorry 'bout that, but that is really my only criticism at all with this song aside from maybe reintroducing those strings again near the end in the chaotic bit for maximum climax-effect. And the ending here - it just plain works + allows it to flow very well into the intro again to the point that it could almost pass as a loop.

Overall - F'ING good "remix": although its drastically different from the original melodically speaking. Props to your unnaturally good Amen manipulation skills which I envy so very much. You mind Pming some tips or so as what to do/use to create those sounds?

10/10, 5/5, a download, and a fan if you keep producing quality stuff like this choon.

poopr1221 responds:

WOW, massive review. In response to a few things;

The bowed cello samples are an xrni instrument, you've got that right. As are the double bass samples and the piano. All real samples, but yes, xrni instruments. The pizzicato cello however, is a mixture of an xrni and samples from the original tune.

I've received a lot of comments regarding re-introducing the strings towards the end. I think that's probably the biggest mistake I made in making this honestly, that's just the one thing that people have commonly commented on.

I've really gotta thank you for this review, seriously from the bottom of my heart. I just love reviews like this that scrutinize every little detail and offer ADVICE on how to fix problems. And trust me, after making this tune, my entire style was changed for more melodic stuff. So expect more melodic offerings from me. Maybe not exactly string melodies, but just expect more musical breakcore, as working on this really changed my tastes.

Also: I'll see about making a video just showing some typical amen edits I like to do.

This is fucking sick

This needs so much more recognition, it's pretty damn awesome. And I'm not even that into breakcore :p

5/5 10/10

damn you

146 listens only? This is ridiculous


I love the melody you chose. I wish I could find strings that sound this good on FL but so far all SHIT!

Great song. You remind me of the great Igorrr! Check him out sometime if you don't know him already!

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Dec 7, 2010
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