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Something I've been working on lately. It'll be a full song eventually, but for now I figured this little snippet might possibly be useful in a Flash project? Perhaps a menu, loading screen, etc. Who knows!

Oh, and this most likely isn't drum 'n' bass... I'm not good with genres haha.

Enjoy! =)

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I agree

Lots of choices could be made with this haha

Jebbal responds:

It's such a neutral drum beat, I think it would honestly fit in any game hahahah. Well, most at least.

Thanks for the review!


cant wait until the full one is out! i could keep listening to it all day! 5/5 :D can you give me a response and tell me what date it will be out?

Jebbal responds:

I'm glad you like it! Unfortunately, I have no idea when it will be finished. There has been a lot of progress since I submitted this drum loop, though. The song is a little over a minute long right now and I'm shooting for it to be in the range of 3-5 minutes. I'd be happy to send you a PM when I submit it.

Thanks for the review!

Epicness at its best

If only music nowadays was like this and bot Crappy dubstep
dubstep is just a bunch of random sounds added to a drum beat that isnt even in tune Drum n Bass however is actually a good remix of an awesome speedy drumbeat and i play music like this speeding down the highway on my Motorbike =D

Jebbal responds:

I find it quite ironic that the full version of this is going to be a dubstep song. You probably aren't going to like hearing that lol. Oh well, hopefully you'll like the finished product anyway. I've been striving lately to really get a unique sound to everything I do and not fall too far into what's "expected" out of each genre. I promise it won't be just a bunch of random sounds as you say. :)

Thanks for the review!

I feel insulted

You let me hear this...this...epicness with only 23 seconds of it. Its like giving some1 just enough of something to get them addicted then taking it away,like letting a kid take 1 lick of a fudge pop then putting it back in the freezer,like how my girlfriend teases me just enough then goes to hang out with her friends while Im sitting there like "Why did you do all that just to leave before it got good." Know what I mean?...If you do explain it because Im too emotionally distrought to figure it out because this is too epic to leave at 23 seconds. (This review may also mean I have too much free time,I blame my girlfriend.)

Jebbal responds:

This is ONLY a drum loop I made taken from another song I'm working on. A longer and fuller preview of this can be found in "JEBBAL - 2011 DEMO TRACK". There's much more to it, so if you enjoy this little snippet here I suggest you take a listen to real preview. Read the author's comments and look for the point in which "Flash" starts. That's what this drum loop is from. :)

Thanks for the review!

plz make this into a full song

this is quite short but its pretty catchy. when i listen 2 it i imagine a cyber street race 4 some reason and theres cops that are cyborgs and the racers have friends and they have a fight on the cars lol what the hell did i get that from? :)

Jebbal responds:

Haha just my opinion, but this seems way too slow to portray street racing. Not to mention CYBER street racing. That's even crazier. Glad you enjoyed it though!

Thanks for the review!

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Dec 6, 2010
8:57 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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