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This is a re-arranged version of a previous song I made.

It's the third song in my gallery where Supersteph (http://supersteph54.newg ro unds.com/audio/) rearranges my song and makes it epic. I think I'll make a compilation album with all our collabs next year.

Not much to say about this one. It can be used as a dramatic intro a flash game since it's fast-paced and over the top. I had envisioned the preface to a big battle when I wrote this.

Special thanks to Steph for the amazing drums and the brass instruments, along with the beautiful outro.

All votes and reviews are appreciated. Check out Supersteph's gallery too, he has excellent stuff. Our two other collabs are A New Life v2 and This Is War, which can be found on my gallery.

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GronmonSE responds:

Thank you :)

Hey, you!

I keep seeing you around, time to time. Awesome! There's a lot of energy packed into this bad boy, not gonna lie. Eee-excellent.

Mindblowingly triumphant!

I'm picturing somebody climbing a mountain, somebody being chased, somebody fighting incredible odds for a hero's goal, something that saves the world. That's why I call this epic, not in the way that skater kids call their boards, but in the "Beowulf" sense.

The buildup got my heart beating; it really did. I was so consumed with the drums, the rising strings, the whole piece coming together, that I kind of lost touch; the music is just that consuming. I feel kind of bad, though, because I'd love to animate to this, but my skill level just isn't there yet. I'll keep this in my Favorites though!

The outro is beautiful. Satisfying, but not droning. It's a conclusion not unlike one in a superhero movie, where the hero finishes what he/she needs to do, and the camera zooms out-- no epilogue, no images during the credits; the whole shebang's just through. Excellent work on that; oftentimes people don't know how to end their stories, just look at the work of Mark Twain.

Great job!

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GronmonSE responds:

Haha, I love this review. It's my favorite so far :)

Glad you liked it!

Good epic piece

Sounds very epic almost as if one were to charge into battle as well, Enjoy how the overall flow has an epic battle feel to it like you had just entered battle against an army of undead or final bosses and the such, flows very well.

This is probably one of those few pieces that stretches into one's head and makes them feel awesome for no reason at all, very good and swift work on this piece, nice and excellent piece of work here.

Review Request Club

GronmonSE responds:

Thank you, sir.

Pretty nice!! :)

I liked the epicness of this song, the end has a very epic feel, all thoe instruments, the percussion was awesome, the violins look great, and the main melody is kick-ass, I loved the way you built the song to that break, after that, I liked the piano too, it was a great ending to an epc song, but I still think you could have done more, it was way too short.

As the CheesePants guy and SeeD, I agree with the Master Chief thing, it'd fit perfectly to the game, it kind of remembers me Halo and I can immagine this song as a background of an epic fight.

Anyway, short or long, this song is cool, I liked its epicness, but I wanted to listen more, it's too short, a great idea like this one shoud've been explored a bit more.

GronmonSE responds:

Yup, seems like it's too short. Will work on adding more length next time.

Thanks for the review :)

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Dec 4, 2010
5:31 PM EST
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