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TranceJump (Metal Guitar Dub)

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Author Comments

I never would have thought an epic guitar solo would work so well with a song like TranceJump - I have been prove'd wrong. Guitarmadness provided by my friend Alberto Maiocco.

Enjoy & Please leave a review!

-You may want to turn your volume down a wee bit for this one.



I didn't like the intro at all. The snare didn't fit in, either. I know it's from the original song, but the intro in the original song wasn't so good either. Maybe you could redo both?

Drum volume is low. Not that bad of a selection of percussive instruments, but could be better. You REALLY need to replace that amateur kick drum, or at least, EQ it so it sounds better.

Nice use of a sytrus preset(not talking about the one at 3:55) but you could tweak it some more (raise the high end a little, stuff like that). Heck, make a new one and replace it at parts through the song.

Guitar melodies are beautiful (it has some faults at parts, which I will list).

Hissing sound on synth in intro? You should probably rerecord those if they were samples.

I noticed that the file size is a little small for a 4 minute song. You should re-export this song with a higher bit rate. If it's for a game, the "flash person," can reduce the bitrate but you're holding out on those of us who like to listen to the songs of the artists in the audio portal.

The song ends too abruptly. At the very least, change the last note to the base note (of I chord) of whatever key you're using. It's just one way to end this song.

You should add light string stabs at the start of every measure from, 1:52 to 2:32(maybe not all the way through, but at some parts); but that's just my opinion.

This song really would be excellent for a unique platformer game. The guitar that plays through the whole song is just amazing. This song IS good the way it is now, BUT it could be SOOOOOO much better.

I'm gonna fav you and this song.

From 10, I subtracted:
1 for low volume of drums


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MobiusIII responds:

That is a supremely useful review. Thank you! You make a lot of good points. I've been meaning to go back and fix some things, now I have a nice to-do list. Thanks for the fave, check out some of my other stuff!

Sounds great like gravy

The part right before the guitar kicks in sounds like a 8-bit water drop sound which is cool with the fact that the guitar comes in straight after it almost telling it to start sounding even more gracious and amazing. the way it tends to flow overall is great. The drums sound quite amazing and I love the keyboard sound as well. How long did you spend making a gem like this anyways?

The guitar makes some weird sounds right before the cool One solo sounding remake that reminds of the song "Steve the Cat" by dosh who also sounds good I guess. The guitar solo is so long and I like how it sounds as well because once the beat kicks back in it gets faster and then does another breakdown afterward which makes it sound nice after all. I would have to say that this is pretty amazing.

The overall way the song feels is just great, I still look forward to more from you in the future. Could have been cool if you tried to add in a Daft Punk styled voice to the beat as well. Overall, you did an excellent job on making a good song to listen to. The 8-bit ending is great. Have fun making more in the future.

review Request Club

MobiusIII responds:

Awesome review. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I loved the guitar, I'm a huge fan of Rock and Heavy Metal, and the guitar gave life to this song, the solo was very cool, a really awesome one. The mix of a Metal guitar solo with a techno song is very weird, but in this one worked really well. Guitars and eletronic songs doesn't fit well together, but, in this one, it worked really well, altough it sounded very strange.

The beggining was very cool, I liked that sound, it seems like the sound of a drop of water hitting the ground. When the guitar came, I was "Wow", it sounded pretty nice, the solo is truly great, I liked the feeling, and the background beat worked well to the guitar sound. But my favorte part in this song was the 1:51 part, it sounded great, I love this kind of solo, and the background was awesome, it was building something great, and then the solo continued, I loved that part, it was super cool.

The final result was awesome, I loved the solo, the background fitted really well to the guitar sometimes, but, unfortunately, it didn't sound too well, like the end, I think you could have added a nice guitar end, with power chords (it's the real metal sound, if you don't know), it'd have sounded great.

Anyway, I think it was a great song, altough sounded a bit strange and the background beat didn't fit really well to the guitar sometimes, it was a great work. Keep it up dude, and congrats your friend who provided you the solo!! :)

-Member of the Review Request Club-


MobiusIII responds:

I appreciate the detailed review! I'm glad you enjoyed it, maybe I will look into getting some more guitar action into future songs!


It's okay but I don't think it either worked or was mixed well. The idea is interesting though. The guitar part sounds good, and so does the electronic beat, but I don't think they really blend as well as I'd like them to.

I think it would have went better if the guitar sounded differently or if the guitar was generated electronically, but I've never been a big fan of guitars in electronic music personally. To me it just never seems to sound right. Daft punk pulled it off once, but 90% of the time I hear it, it doesn't work in my opinion. So I commend you on your efforts.

The electronic track is good though...the only think I could think of is maybe to turn down the electronic track a bit so it blends better - but even then...I dunno. A few parts it sounded like it went well...just not my cup of tea really. Keep at it though.


MobiusIII responds:

Thanks for the review! I guess i should have made it clear, but I did nothing to make this track. My friend dl'd Trancejump and played his guitar over it. I agree, the sound can be hit or miss for some - but I wanted to share!

omg this is new!

and i love it! :D guitar needs more distortion! to blind it in a tish more but other thin that pretty good!
and halfway trew i cant tell if ur tapping or what but sounds like taping :p sould have trew some sweeping after! but thats a bit hard x.x
should mix guitar with happy hardcore or dub!

MobiusIII responds:

Thanks for the review man!

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3.79 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2010
4:01 PM EST
Heavy Metal
File Info
4.8 MB
4 min 10 sec

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