Techyes Redux

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A B1K Original

This is a Redux of my old song, Techyes ^_^

Just like Techyes, how I took my first whack at techno (Which techno/VG is my prominent genre), I used this as an opportunity to test out putting voice samples in the song, I think it worked out well.

The voice samples say (In Order Of Appearance):

"Tech yesssss"

"Tech tech the (X4) Tech tech the rock, don't stop"

"B K B K B K B K"

Well, enjoy it. And also be sure to drop a comment below ^_^

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Ugh, this is embarrassing.

Don't know why I was so egotistical about this when I uploaded it.

I guess I needed a year long break from FL studio (and judging how buggy it is on linux, I don't think I'll be returning to it any time soon...)

I mean, I didn't really know anything about musical theory back then, or DAW software for that matter. I learned by doing, and never took lessons.

My process was (on piano) hitting notes until I found a combo that sounded good, harmonious, and (FL Studio) spamming filters and badly EQing.

Song is too noisy, too polluted. Spammed the bass boost filter, went too nuts with the notes, not letting the sustain cool off. Used the same Sytrus presets all the time. Sounds like a generic metal song, actually...

Looking back, this deserves a 2.5 at best.

On a related note, I wish I could record some of my piano improv sessions these days. Learning theory has to be one of the best music related decisions I've ever made. Knowing what to call the chords I've already figured out from ten years of playing piano with no training, knowing how to extend them to other scales, and thus becoming much better at matching and making patterns. Minor 7ths. Fuck I love minor 7ths.


Awesome work man!
boosted the Bass I see
the voice samples get drowned out by everything else.
I'm not saying that it's a problem but I don't think it was your intention.
and IMO removing them wouldn't hurt the song.

to anyone voting while listening to this with a sound system without decent Bass output:
find a system with better Bass and listen to it again!

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

Thanks for the 10 ^_^

The voice samples:

Actually, the voices were both an experiment, and a background noise, so I did mean for them to be drowned out, just not as much as the compiler made it drown. Unfortunately, I don't have a method of balancing it out any better than its current levels.

The note to voters: I agree, people don't give songs these enough credit, they think that their technology is perfect when they are probably using windows 95 as their OS, then they give a zero cuz flash don't work on their old dinosaur of a computer.

And I take the votes pretty seriously, in music submissions, I find anything less than 3.5 an insult. In flash, anything below 2.5 is an insult. Art, I'm not scouted

----/ \

(Guy holding arms up, IDK)

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Dec 3, 2010
10:31 PM EST
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