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Chum Rubbin

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Author Comments

A little bit ago, I saw The Epic Battle Of Guitar (contest) thread. It is for soloing. Since my solos sucked, I asked if they would be interested in a backing track. They said they might be. So I came up with a bit of something that may or may not be used. Then I expanded on it. I was going to have someone else do the bass, but I need to get more comfortable with the bass. So I made it SUPER loud too.

If you can solo, have a knock at this bitch. Dropped D tuning. If you can't solo or if it won't work as a backing track...then

Fucking enjoy it anyways, suckas.

The guitar contest thread is here.

http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1179087/8


Nice Song

The song is awsome i read the coment under and your response uih. metal aint just about hate itas also a death, demons and stuff like that oh and the vocials for metal is a growl what i think i said dat on one your songs

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Glad you dig it. Metal can be about anything. I'll be taking a full on thrash approach this year, so I'll probably write about death, demons and shit. Glad you dig it, and thanks for the listens!

Not bad

I am a fan of metal instrumentals (mainly because they don't have a vocalist to ruin the song) and I stumbled upon this one. It is not as good as any of my other references (LashMush or Xenogenocide) and the bass really needs a work on it because, IMO, it is way too much aggressive (but I read that you made it loud on purpose, so perhaps this was intentional?).

The guitar is also not as good as my other references (Switch and Evil-Dog) but what can I say, I am an old school guy.

I mainly decided to comment this song because I've seen you posting around in other heavy metal instrumentals as well, so I kinda hope you have a more refined taste for such type of music.

Anyway, back to the topic, this is a good inspirational music but has many lacks. If reworked nicely, I say you have here a chance to make a hell of an instrumental .

Final verdict: it can get real good with some rework, not bad.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

It's funny you should mention old school. Been a metalhead since before metallica sold out on the Black ALBUM.
This song was pinched out for one purpose only. It is simple, and leaves room for leads and solos for the solo contest I mentioned in the description.

As for vocals, that is your opinion. I personally like to put vocals in a song, as instrumentals should be rare, and for a real purpose. Most songs should have a story or feeling. With metal, its usually hate. haha. I've actually gone a long way off my course of what I truly like to play and do over the last couple years. Not because I like it better, but because I want to get good at all subgenres of metal, keeping my abilities and skills open to finding the best shit I can to entertain fuckers looking for good shit.

Glad to hear I'm on your proverbial road to that. Thanks for the review, was fun to read. And the bass, yes ...supposed to be loud. And I actually love it in this song. Again, matter of opinions.

Check around my other stuff, you might like. I have some rock instrumentals, and one that will rip your eyes out, with metaljonus called Bring The Pain (feat metaljonus). I'm sure you will have your face melted there. haha.

Thanks again.


FUcking awesome metal stuff mate. Will definetly shit over it ;)

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks, motherfucker~!\m/ Rip it up!


damn man that bass is so freaking loud its awesome and guitar work is pretty good 2 man cheers

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude.\m/

I'll have a go at it...

I've recently noticed that I have nothing to show for myself here on NG, so I'll give a whack at this, and see if everybody likes it. Great backing track, that's loads of inspiration for me right there. Great job man, i have work to do!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

fuckin eh, brother. Kick it some new teeth.

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4.10 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2010
3:40 PM EST
Heavy Metal
File Info
4.7 MB
4 min 5 sec

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