Dj Lithorph - Iseeyou(WiP)

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Hey guys, this is a song im working on. It has potential, its kind of dark though, not as happy as newgrounds like it.
My mastering skills are not with me on this one, as they have never been but i will continue and try to improve.
Let me know what you think about it in the review section below!




The vocals were very good, loved the bells, and the beat was fun, all in all it's dang good :)

Lithorph responds:

Your review makes me very happy. Thanks :)
Im working on another song with vocals, it wont be up now, but in the near future.
Be ready :)

Im gonna get as good as you one day!

But for now im gonna learn how to master and come up with good enough melodies. I can say that im somewhat good, but i could really use some tips for my songs. Mind coming and reviewing my New song Better Dreams? Also what plugin did u use for the lead synth. And are those vocals from a rock song? Im pretty sure i heard it before. Oh well. Anyway the pianos were perfect in the song, but the bells were kinda out of place. But i like it that way, so please dont change it. I have to admit that hearing this song inspired me to keep uploading to Newgrounds in spite of the zerobombers. Your bassline....i want it so bad...
Can you make a sample? I dont have every plugin in the world, and it would help alot if i had that bassline. When you finish this I'd recommend that you add more vocals when the song takes some time to "breathe". So like after the intense part you can have a breakdown where some really good vocals would kick in.
Well i really want this song to be finished so good luck. Also can you help me with mastering? I really am starting to need those skills right now.
Angels Gone Rogue

/-DJ Chaos-\

Lithorph responds:

Thank you for your review. And yes ill check your stuff out.
Im really not as good as you appear to think ^^
The vocals were from an acapella pack, think it was like mutteki vocals or something. What i did was, i cut the words out and then changed the notes on the vocal to fit the bassline.
The bass is something ive been trying to master, its a pitchbass. This song isn't that well done, i will post alot better in the future as im still learning stuff.
I could help you with some stuff, but the musicmaking is all up to you. You need to really work hard if you want to be a good musician.
If you want to learn the basics of mastering , check youtube, kick / bass is low freqed, melody mid/high. Its hard, and its tough but thats the way.
But please do remember, dont master like they do on the video, mix it up, change something, just listen to your song and see whenever you've got the best mastering.
Thats about everything i can say atm.

omfg! not good to dark my but!

i love the darkness in this song!
(people dont seem to like lyrics on ng buti do!)
is there a filter over the voice cos it sounds like it filters clearer to me if not do it!
aww it ended right as i was really getting in to it! if you can look at my stuff and tell me how to make it darker !
i want it happy! and dark but i cant seem to ever get the bass right !grr


Lithorph responds:

Hey dude, thanks for your review :)
Yes there is a filter over the voice at the start, then filtering it out at the end of the vocal, wasn't really happy with that so it will probably be changed or something later on in the future.
Ill take a look at your stuff :P
You cant imagine the problems ive had with my bass, i even went to the conclusion to just lower the bass's volume so much until you cant hear the fails ^^
Check my other stuff's out!

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Nov 29, 2010
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