-Dancing Flame-

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NOTE: If there are any people who don't like salsa/Latin music as much and prefer more powerful songs, then check out a collab I did with GronmonSE. It came out very well! :)
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/380906

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My dad's birthday is this Wednesday, 1st December, so I thought that I'll put my hobby of making music to some good use and make him a song. He's in to salsa, so here's my attempt at a salsa-like song. I know it's not exactly a salsa song, but it's as close as I can get it to be. This is ENTIRELY out of my style of music, so it might not be so good for a first attempt at this genre, but I'm pretty happy with it, not to mention that it was a blast to make.

This uses a lot of Kontakt 4 instruments. I used a classical guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a bass guitar - all free samples which you can get from here: http://www.pettinhouse.co m/html/download.html, providing that you have Kontakt, which isn't free I'm afraid. In any case, the guitar samples are absolutely superb for free samples, and they're what inspired me to make the song. This uses Stormdrum as well, which I used for that 'boom' sound at the beginning and in other parts of the song, and I also used Stormdrum for the reverse cymbal, the cymbal crash, and some subtle congas in the background. This uses East/West Symphonic Orchestra Silver for all of the brass, subtle cello staccatos and the piano as well. Cinematic Strings Violins was used for the violin, naturally. And uh... oh yeah, the drums are a drum kit loaded in Kontakt 4 which nathanallenpinard shared, along with a few random drum samples for the open hat, tambourines and maracas.

Phew. Basically I'm showing off my best VST's xP. This took me around 3 hours to make, and my biggest challenge was the instrumentation. I had no good sax samples, so I had to use East/West trumpets and trombones, EQing them to make them sound like a sax as much as possible. It was pretty hard getting the right sounds for the melodies and counter-melodies I had in mind. There are quite a few different things going on at the same time in this song, so I hope it didn't end up too cluttered. And sorry for the generic melodies, like I said I'm completely new to the genre so it wasn't easy to make the composition. Well, that's about it. Enjoy, and if you have any criticism, please tell me before Wednesday, which is my dad's birthday.

EDIT: Haha, wow! Got my first Top 5. I definitely wouldn't have done it without all the people who favourited me, so thanks a lot to them!


Sweet mother of music!

This is awesome to the core of music you have to sell your music talent videogames or movies w/e I would buy it to hear this real talent be play a true inspiring feel to it! Wish I can go beyond the 10 limit for this deserve a way higher rating then a mere 10!

Step responds:

Haha thanks! All this support is awesome!

Glad you liked it.


sound good and is a spanish music lol

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Step responds:

Yay xD.

Thanks for reviewing!


This is a very good song i personly don't like salsa but still this is great

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Step responds:

Thanks! I'm not such a fan of salsa either actually, but for some reason I still enjoyed making this.


This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for blessing my ears with this gorgeous piece of art. I haven't heard anything quite as magnificent since my first visit to Newgrounds, which was quite a long time ago.

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Step responds:

Wow, didn't expect such a supportive review xP. Thanks!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Really cool

I could see this being put on loop in this scene:

You are in an organization of people who are supposed to save the world, and your primary language is Castilian Spanish. Currently you are talking to the boss (but the conversation is happening in text-form at the bottom of the screen, not really being vocalized), and he is assigning you your final mission.

Essentially I think that would be an ideal use of this song.

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Step responds:

Heh, good idea. I wonder if this'll ever get used in a flash...

Thanks for reviewing :).

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