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i9incher - insanity

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I don't know if this is really a song as much as it is just an utter drive through my mind to try and destroy my writters block to help improve my song making process.

i uploaded this before but the intro was to long I guess. plus someone gave me a 4 then somebody came along and zero bombed it. come on man, why would you go and do that?

but anyways yeah. here is my song insanity. the part with just the bass and the drums going on is fucking sick. I just hope you guys out there like it enough to possibly favorite me as an artis. that would be amazing and all you have to do is hit that little favorite button.

anyways don't forget to rate and review, and if you do feel the need to give it a low score at least do me the decency of telling me why, hell, if you just want to do it so your song will be in the top of the genre that this song is in just message me and I will promote your song as apposed to you just zero bombing me.


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Sounds great.

The name really connects with the title, would be perfect for some madness animation that i might make.

I'll get back to you, keep up the great work.

Needs Equalizing

Hi i9incher,

Most of the song had the same melody; the song got too repetitive. You should add a refrain, hook, bridge, solo, all that good stuff.

The introduction of the instrument at 0:06 was nice. It was like an electronic version of a saxophone. It reminded me of songs where only one sexy saxophone loop was used.

The introduction of a new melody at 2:10 was good. But it ultimately went nowhere (I've had that said about one of my songs). So you should either make the song longer or climax the song after.

The bass guitar sucks. You used boo bass, right? Tweak the settings, dude! Either put more or less treble but definitely get rid of the mid on the bass guitar. I think it's contributing to your song sounding muddy.

I didn't like the fact that most of the instruments were default presets of fruity VSTs. You should use them sparingly; to make the song sound more original. I used to use them a whole lot in my old songs.

The hi hats fit the song nicely (although, they too, could use some EQing). The unique snare line was cool (something interesting as someone analyzes a song).

good song, but you definitely need to redo the mix of this song, fix the EQ on your instruments, and make it less repetitive by adding in the elements I listed above.

If you have no idea what equalizing is,

Equalizing tutorial:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujd0cf 2tqRk&feature=recentlik

Equalizing guide:
http://www.em411.com/show/blog/79/0/E Q_Compression_Reverb_etc_tips.html

My own tips:
-Get rid of inaudible frequencies. As in, get rid of the low end on hi hats, high end on bass drum/guitar, mids on various instruments to balance the song.

From 10, I subtracted:

1 for muddy mix
1 for repetitiveness
1 for terrible bass guitar (please don't take offense to my language)


Rapid weird

This sounds somewhat like a mix between rave/ house/ trance music all put as one to be honest. Sounds like something you would listen to at a weird rave or house where everyone seems a bit out of character after a bit too much alcohol consumption put into them. The rapid claps sound pretty cool as well which is great.

The overall flow of the song is real good which makes it a bit more successful for being a chill song. the only real thing I would bother changing for this song is to move it to the trance or rave category in the audio options and that's it really. Aside from that I really do dig this tune since it sounds epic a little more than halfway through so great work on this.

Overall, you did an excellent job, keep it up.

Review Request Club

I liked it

The main beat is very cool, I liked the bass and the synth, the first melody was pretty cool ,and I liked the variation you did with the instruments in the same melody, it's very cool and interesting to listen a lot of instruments playing the same melody.

I liked the bass line, very cool, its rhythm made the base of the song. As SeeD said, the first minute was repetitive, you used the same melody, altough, in the last 10 seconds, you variated, and then, the bass part came, I think that part was the best of the song, the bass and the drums playing, and then, the main melody comes to give life to the song. That was my fav. part!

I think it's a pretty good song, I was listening it while I was playing Solipskier, and it fitted perfectly, it's a good song. I just didn't like the way it ended, like Seed said, it seems you just said: "Ah, fuck it!" and ended the song, You could have kept the rhythm and turn the sound down, it'd sound way cooler. Anyway, I think you've done a pretty well job, keep it up!

-Member of the Review Request Club-



My first impression from only being a minute in the song is that it sounds a bit amateur because the melody doesn't change, only the instruments do. I'm totally guilty of it to, so I won't say that I don't do it, but when you keep the exact same notes and just add a bass playing the same thing it just sounds kinda lame, you know? I'd make it play something slightly different so it sounds better...

I like a lot of the instruments you used, the deep bass sounded pretty dirty, the synth was nice and scratchy, and the higher pitched synth was awesome. Love the melody that it played.

It seemed to end a bit prematurely though. Sounds like you just said "ah fuck it" and stopped with it there. I've done that as well, so coming from me that doesn't mean much, lol.

Overall not a bad tune though, I like the echo on the beginning synth for sure. It sounds like it could use a tad bit of tweaking, and maybe a proper ending, but that's about it. Not bad.

Keep up the good work.


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4.70 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2010
10:19 PM EST
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