Bottom of the well

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0 to 0:25 The set-up

I am in my cell, as I like to call it, doing what I do, programming, for as far as my memory goes.
I'm in the ultimate cell that can simulate everything... One second your battling fierce dragons, the next one your in front of the most beautiful women; depending on what you want you can either program your desires or you can just use others program. Yes we have reach a culminate point in technology where your imagination is directly connected to your senses. We have become gods creating any world we like, escaping it when trouble occurs and modifying it as pleased.

0:26 to 0:39 The problem

However, all this virtual stuff created from imagination of humans is driving me crazy. I can't stand it anymore, I want to be real again. I want to be a person having feelings for its surrounding, not a brain masturbating its creativity. I personally think that we made a mistake in past, we thought that by focusing in the virtual it would suppress all the problems in reality. Indeed we did suppress all danger, but we also suppressed the main purpose of life. If only someone would have stopped the race to virtual and think. Anyway, I can't blame my ancestor for my present situation; I'm in a box and only I can get myself out.

0:40 to 0:47 The exit

I'm sick of having no goal. I'm sick of this place, I need to get out! There must have an exit somewhere. I was so absorbed into the virtual that I've never in my whole life noticed that small door in the ceiling...

0:48 to 1:04 The pain

What a horrible feeling that is to realized the weakness of your body. I struggled to reach that small door which happened to be transparent. I could finally see something real; a vertical tunnel and at the end the sky. My hands are shaking, my eyes are dazzled for being in the dark so long. The lack of sleep for being so hooked up on the machine makes my body feeling heavy.

1:05 to 1:19 The shock

The sudden realization of my weakness adds to my suffer of this ridiculous situation. I, the master of dozens of worlds, can't climb?

1:20 to 1:35 The determination

The pain and the astonishment have passed. Well, the pain is still there but I just don't feel it anymore for being exposed to it long enough. The determination in my head spread to the rest of my body and, at last, I'm able to climb.

1:36 to 1:51 Another surprise

The chain of surprises was not done yet, the rain is giving me the chills. I almost fell, because I'm not used to be distracted while I'm focusing.

1:52 to 2:09 Almost there

I'm approaching the end of the tunnel. The rain is getting more aggressive, but my stubbornness is far superior than some silly rain. I'm reaching the end of this torture, I'm reaching the real world. What other surprises it'll reserved for me? I just can't help it, I have to satisfy my curiosity.

2:10 to 2:41 The real world

I'm on my two feet, wet to the bone, laughing for no apparent reason. I just can't explain it, this satisfaction is... is something I've never felt before. It's nonsense on the surface, to laugh for trading a peaceful home for this place exposed to the mercy of Mother nature. The time of celebration is done I've to be concern about my survival from now on. First, I have to explore my immediate surrounding. I see that I'm in a strange valley filled with holes like Swiss cheese. Indeed, I'm not the only owner of a virtual home.

2:42 to 2:57

[To be continue when I have time]

2:58 to 3:06

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You killed it, bro. :D

Superstrings responds:

Thank you very much it's always appreciated to have nice feedback



Superstrings responds:

hehe thx

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Nov 22, 2010
9:31 PM EST
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