Aundral [Gatsu Dubstep Remix]

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IF YOU LIKE THIS BE SURE TO TAKE A LISTEN TO OCULUS: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/385089

I made this after messing around with some songs off of the Berserk OST, an anime I used to watch as a kid.

Although it might not have felt like it, I put a lot of work into this one, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

That being said, criticism is appreciated.

Oh and you won't find any LFO wobble bass here.

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Perfectly Captured...

I just got done keeping up with the Berserk Manga (which I actually never read before until years later after I watched the Berserk Anime).

When I looked upon this theme in Guts' perspective, it had a sense of longing, searching, and a sense of reflection, and a futuristic enigma (a future filled with questions). The best sentence I could come up with for Guts (or Gats, but I believe the creator confirmed it to be Guts according to Wiki) to sum the original theme up was "What have I done with my life? Just swing my sword and slaughter people as I have always?"

Honestly, this is just as good as the original theme. Why? Because I can definitely see this as the actual ending theme for Berserk. Maybe not as long, but like some of the other animes' openings, which are 5 minutes, and the endings a little shorter than that, this seems to fit in perfectly.

My Ruling

Amazing work dude. I wouldn't give a damn what the guy below me said; he doesn't realize that the instruments actually do fit in with the theme, as it works with more than just the basic notes themselves. The implemented beats are soft, smooth, and "unexciting" because this is a calming theme from the chaos that exists within the common world (of Berserk, for the most part); so there is no need for any violent, surprising, or insane when, quite frankly, it has no place in here.

MrTranquility responds:

Thanks dude! I appreciate what your review. Fear not, I don't let negative reviews get to me, I simply learn from them to better myself.

One question, are all your reviews this detailed? If so, good on you - all I ask for is some time and honest critique and you have given me plenty. Thanks once again. I look forward to more of your reviews :D

What would Gatsu say?

I love Gatsus song. I could liisten to it daily and never get tired. Pure emotion and inspiration, perfectly captured feeling. But this is not that. Sounds like something I made when I was fourteen. The Drums are pretty much dead. No livelyness what-so-ever. Nothing original. Or as much that id enjoy this more than the original. Yet, i give you points for the idea. Seems that there are a lot of these kind of remixes here. Please try harder next time.

- Zune Inc

MrTranquility responds:

Thanks for your honest review. This was my first attempt at dub-step with a limited library of samples and an entirely different set-up than my current one - with that said, there is obviously a lot more I could improve upon.

I'll keep what you've said in mind, because its these kind of reviews that keep me from getting complacent with the effort I put into my craft. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Good Job

I think this does what it should. It's enjoyable to listen to and makes me want to watch Beserk again. 5/5, 10/10, DL'd, Epic stuff.

MrTranquility responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you like it! You may want to check out Oculus if you liked this one!

One thing I hope you do

Base a song off gost in a shell's first theme song. That theme always made me feel a certain way. I dont know how but I thought that song was wonderful and Nice Dubstep espically the part where a person started to sing.

MrTranquility responds:

You know what? I think I just might. I'll definitely look into it and if I feel able I'll cook something up. Could you perhaps give me a link to the theme song you're talking about? PM me


Very Very mellow I like it. Keep up the good work bro, volume was a little weird other than that it was great.

MrTranquility responds:

Thanks dude, I just wish people would stop giving this a zero for the hell of it -_-

ah well such is the way of the internet XD.

Thanks for the review in any case!

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Nov 22, 2010
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