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December lights (8bit)

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Author Comments

Throughout your town, snowflakes are still few but the woodchips and firebaskets are present.
Its still early yet already getting dark, the crisps and christmas lights lit the area colorfully.



This is an awesome song, due. Since I've started listening to your music, I've tried modeling my 8-bit to have the melodic structure that yours has, but with no luck. You easily capture the feel of your subject matter when you do these songs.

You are seriously a talented musician.

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Calamaistr responds:

Hm, i think it just has to do with me having listened to many, many, many classical works from Bach, brahms, mozart and fauré. In some periods i tend to have only classical music on my mp3 player (im even oldschool in life, not that long ago i had a casette walkman still hah) and can easily whistle whole pieces from these masters, even without the music on.
The mechanics, the logic of composing is embedded into my brain cause of it, add to it some interesting finds on the internet such as 'stephen malinowski's videos on yt' that contain a sidescrolling interactive scores of classical pieces and this just becomes natural.

Im convinced that would you take some time to get used to the music from the masters, to the point that you perhaps too can whistle them whole.. youll be making melodical music just as easily.
I dont want to brag but i can make most of my tracks within 15 minutes, i could make 50 of them a day would i want to. Thing is, i also make alot of music that i just delete right after cause its not interesting enough to me, the best music for some reason always makes itself.

The trance i talked about, just being lost in time for a bit and the melodies just literally as mathematical equations build upon itself. This track did aswell thats why i think its so good, id almost say i didnt 'make it, ..afterall creating music isnt really possible, in reality you discover music. The possibilities are there, the tones just have to be brought together.

Anyhow, you flatter me again. I think people like us live in the wrong time, the times go to fast, generations force itself in front of eachother, some call it progress but all is relative really.
8bit music isnt as popular, i too sometimes make high fidelity music.. wouldnt make orchestral though i cant stand it tbh.. all that hans zimmerish copyism, the horns drumriffs and drums making the emotion of pressure again and again, always the same damn chords..
But when i look upon preferances, most just eat up what the radio/tv tops feed them, with no disrespect meant most of these genre's such as todays pop (michael jackson was actually great but pop nowadays?) rap (im not even going to comment on this) or dance (i made trance music when i was 13 and better than todays most payed artists) just isnt as comitted and creative like it used to be.. we all know why.. its because every talent be it music art or sports is used by corporations that go after the market, if the market wants the color blue, you need to make the color blue or it wont sell. The thing is the market doesnt have any skill/knowledge about the arts themselves, so its like a blind man guiding a blind man. If only people would be educated in the dimensions of music.

An interview i read in a plane on my way to portugal last summer about some music artist, dont remember who.. said something about this subject a bit like that you can only hope that in time peoples preference evolves, and that will be our time to shine.

p.s. sorry if this reply is coming off somewhat disorganised, im typing my thoughts. :)


Im truly impressed, very nice and catchy game theme!

Calamaistr responds:

Yea to be honest ive never made a melody so compact for a 8bit track.
It almost made itself as i was busy with it. :)


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3.73 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2010
3:09 AM EST
Video Game
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3.1 MB
1 min 23 sec

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