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Well... After a long writers block (I made like five 1/2 finished songs...) I finally managed to make this piano solo... But I wanted to do it the right way, so

I made a piano sheet for it and you're free to try to play it :P (see my newspost: http://mjattie.newgrounds .com/news/post/538143 ). Or you can just watch it while the song plays.

Writing time: ±3 hours
Making sheet music time: ± 5 hours (but that's mostly because I'm noob at using sibelius 5)
Practicing time: ±6 hrs
Editing time: ±10 mins
Writers block time: ±2 months

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Congratulations to Lotte, who was the first one to hear this

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Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

I could listen to this over and over again for hours. You did a absolutely wonderful job on this one! The songs that you create are always wonderful!

Keep up the awesome work!

mjattie responds:

thanks a lot mulishagang!

oh my gosh

This is so about amanda i swear it is. oh and HI AMANDA ITS ROSSY! :D

mjattie responds:

Amanda Who? :P:P

Beautiful, albeit unvaried

I like the track a lot! It is ambient, relaxing, and emotional. I have listened to it on repeat for probably twenty minutes, and I'm still enjoying it.

-Great playing. Phrasing is good and contributes to a sort of swaying feel. Little pauses here and there are nice. The dynamics are varied. No noticeable mistakes.
-I adore dissonant chords like those at 1:57 and 2:37. Very diminished sounding and haunting.
-Good quality. No sounds distortions, etc.

-For a three minute piece, it was not varied as much as I would have liked. The left hand accompaniment figure was consistent through the entirety of the piece and could have used some modification for interests sake.
-The same chord progression and style was present through the entire piece. It would have been nice to hear some sort of contrast in order to break monotony. The piece is wonderful as background music, and if that is all that you want of it, you've done fine. If you want this to be a piece that people really listen to, though, there needs to be contrast. There are several things you could do. Broaden the use of register and extend more into the piece. Change the rhythmic patterns. Use counterpoint. Use more than single notes in the right hand. Use some block chords. Change tempo and dynamics. Create an entirely different middle section that stands apart stylistically. There are tons of options.

Peaceful, contemplative, lovely. Lulling and repetitive, though. I would have liked to have heard a bit more of a climax, but this serves as good scene/background music. Probably more fitting for the ambient genre due to minimalism. Nice job, and keep it up. I'd love to hear more from you! :)

mjattie responds:

THANKS blazingdragon!

suggestion 1: true, but I wanted to keep it simple, though you're right, I did it the lazy way, but I made a piano sheet for it, so I had to stick to what I wrote.
suggestion 2: true, but well, I really wanted to keep it simple (that's what people also like to listen to (I think) :P and I'll be studying composing for the media next year, so I'm also trying to make something that'd fit under a movie.

My next song, will be my biggest ever, the first 2 minuits will be build-up and then there will be a surprise :P well

I'd really like it if you'd check it out (a) (I'm quite a big fan of your stuff, I found out about it last week)

Absolutely amazing ;)

As always, you've came out with a truly passionate piece. Its just simply amazing. I can tell how much emotion you put into this by just listening XD Great piece. Keep it going, please. Just too good of a pianist to stop.

mjattie responds:

wow thanks!I Yes it's indeed a quite emotional piece.

And I won't stop, don't be afraid xd


This is the kind of music I think comes naturally to you. You are very talented in playing the piano and you have a tendency to write pieces that convey a lot of passion. This piece sent chills down my back. I love it. Please do more piano pieces.

mjattie responds:

thanks a lot, indeed, this is a really other way of composing than, for example, trance.

Really much appreciation :) I'll do some more piano then ;)

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