Forever Ndeavor

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My first and only real work in FL Studios, aside from "Random Battle Music". I had to compress it twice to fit the 8mb limit. Took 10 hours to make, a little repetitive and the audio quality is mediocre, but with extremely limited knowledge of how to use the program, I was limited to trial and error. If you're going to listen to any part of the song, go for somewhere around the mid-point. I wish I had the time and knowledge to rework the EQ and Mixers and make this song into what I really want it to be. If only...

Anyways, enjoy!


Whoa snap.

I like this alot, it pregresses PERFECTLY, really picks up towards the end, and then fades slowly into an ominous nothingness.

I agree with the guy below me, the intro was dragged on a bit, but honestly, what trance song isn't? :P Plus you threw in enough variation to make it worth hearing.

All your transistions were flawless. there weren't really times when things were just BAM! there. It all slowly fades in until you notice, "Hey theres strings over here!" and "Oh look, a shaker in the right headphone!"

It all came together seamlessly, well done.

Nfinity responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate the positive feedback. At first I was just a little disappointed that the song was receiving 0's and 1's, but yours and sjs00's review made it completely worth it! I also appreciate the critical input, along with your observations. It's amazing what you guys notice.

Most of all, thanks for listening to the song in its entirety. With everyone's attention span ranging from 5-10 seconds anymore (I'm merely stating that as a universal fact, not a bash to Newgrounds), it's refreshing when people display any form of patience.


Too true, is love, forever Ndeavor....

Well, for a first try on new software it kicks ass.

Intro/Outro:Yup, really repetitive, but hey I think at the halfway point it picks up just as well. Really like how at the end you use sythns that pickup halfway then drop the initial synths in a fade... I'm really fond of fades.

Beat/SFX/Synths:You keep a powerful and conserved beat almost the whole song, I think that it suits perfectly. At about 3:45 when the background comes in it is really great sound. Nothing wrong here at all.

Conclusion: REally love this sound, so perfect and melancholy. I can just imagine, a volcano about to erupt, then at the halfway we see a union of the volcano and the ocean under its island, a union of hot and energetic and cool and calm. Then we venture further and realize the volcano is connected to thermal vents glowing in a rave-like fashion and realize that love really is forever Ndeavor....

5/5 10/10 sjs00---

Nfinity responds:

Absolutely the most epic review I've ever heard, which made submitting this song 100% worth it. I couldn't stop laughing when I read how awesome it was, but only because it sounds EXACTLY like what a friend of mine would say when describing a song he liked. I was listening to my song as I read your review, and I definitely saw the ocean, volcano, and thermal vent strobe lights. It was indeed an epic journey I went on.

Thank you so much for the positive review. Now this song can humbly fade into NG obscurity with honor and pride intact.

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Nov 15, 2010
6:01 PM EST
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