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I have the entire rhythm of the piece laid out, but only the first three phrases are complete.

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Where can I get a Pina Colada out here?

Ah, relaxation. I'm picturing bamboo or wicker chairs, fans outside, surrounded by the ocean, swimming people, bright white towels, and a cloudless, sunny sky. I can feel myself stretching out on my chair on that island, letting time go by, enjoying the sun, the atmosphere, the lack of stress.

If it's not obvious, this would work splendidly as a track for something like "Vacation Sim" or Animal Crossing. It screams a motto like: "Not a care in the world, just have fun." I can't criticize you for repetition, nor can I dock you for a light amount of instrumentation, simply because I enjoyed the track so much. It went straight to my favorites and I gave it a five.

Why? It effortlessly created a mood that I love. School, work, and just the daily drag make vacation so much better. Nearly always, I spend my free time in the tropics, and this made me feel right at home. If anything, it's missing a bit of some steel drums. Consider that for another piece.

Musically, the piece loops seamlessly, which greatly adds to its allure for me. Listening to this for ten minutes didn't get old for me, and even while I'm writing this review, the song is on. Truly, I implore you to revisit this style, this structure, and let me know when you release a new track.

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WizMystery responds:

Thanks for the review!

Glad to hear that you connected to this on an emotional level :D We listened to a steel drum/island piece the day I wrote this, so maybe that's what left the impression on me. Steel drums could work, but I don't think I have a VST that simulates them. If I happen to find one, I'll try it out.

Not my taste

ried to like this, I really did, and for the purpose of this review, I am going to try and be completely unbiased.

Okay, the intro almost worked really, I mean, It was very sudden, but I almost didn't notice, although I really feel that the song could be improved somewhat by giving it a proper intro, but as a loop, It's perfectly okay.

To be honest with you, I found the song rather boring, It relies entirely on the main instrument, I definately feel some extra instrumentation would aid the song, I just found the loop to be rather repetitive (yes, I realise what I just wrote) and I really feel just adding something like a simple beat would makie things infinitely more interesting.

~Review request club~

WizMystery responds:

Thanks for the review!

I'll try adding some drums in. I'm experimenting with world drums for the RAC contest, so I might use what I learn here.

Not bad

The tune here is quite relaxing sounding, and immediately I feel as if I'm in a shop in a PG rated RPG game purchasing some ammo for my slingshot or something ;) Either that or buying some potions to revive my health from battle....but I suppose that's neither here nor there.

The song is rather repetitive, although it sounds pleasant, there doesn't seem to be much audible changes going on and I can't honestly even tell if it's just a loop or if things are changing during the whole song.

It's a great base for a song though, or maybe just an ambient tune the way it is for a game like I said earlier. I guess it really depends on what direction you want to go with this really...


WizMystery responds:

Thanks for the review!

Things are changing, it goes into several keys. It's mostly a melodic change and not a texture change.

Pretty good.

Ok, I'm going to try a new audio review structure, so bear with me

>Overall Impression
Pretty catchy, I must say. It has a lot of potential to become something greater, and as I read you probably are working on it as I type. Kind of reminds of me of a antiquities store for some reason.

Well, since nothing is repeated, I can't really say there are distinct melodies in your song. It's perfectly okay to have no distinct melodies, but as a reviewer I have nothing to say on this matter.

I really admire your use of rhythm in this song to vary up the "melody" and to compensate for the fact you only have one instrument. Again, there are no repeats in rhythm, which I think is slightly more undesirable that no repeating melodies. As a listener, I tend to try and find order in songs, and if there is no pattern then I either don't remember the song, or I start getting confused while listening to it. Just a thought

>Instrument choice
I do like the instrument you pick for this song. It's part of what makes this song interesting. However, adding more instruments couldn't hurt at all.

Not applicable.

It's a loop. Although you may want to make the beginning and end slightly different so it doesn't start to become monotonous.

There are none I can pick out. If you do start making distinct melodies, these are important. But seeing as you only have one long melody, no need to worry

Good work!!

Former RRC member, saw your song on the list, and decided to review it.

WizMystery responds:

Thanks for the review despite your non-membership to the RRC!

This does have an "idle" feel to it (not sure if that's exactly the word I want) and I had the same impression, something to do with a store.

I did design it to have a sort of... lead instrument, but you are correct about there being no distinct melody. Things do repeat, however.

This is actually a string quartet. I made each instrument blend into each other with a varied pan and volume setting. The rhythm, of course, never repeats because it's one giant string of binary.

I'd like to add a deeper bass and light percussion sometime to brighten things up a bit.

Harmonically, there are transitions. The piece changes key four times through dominant relations, but the overall feeling does stay the same.

Again, thanks for the review!

A smooth relaxing sensation

While listening to this song I was kicking back inside my chair relaxed more than I ever have before. I listened to this song a few times before reviewing.

The songs mood was very relaxed and mellow. As much as I like the songs where its a R&B genre or pop or something fast paced to get my blood pressure running. It was a nice change to listen to a calm relaxing song on newgrounds. Not many people submit that kind of stuff and the people who do get low scores. So having this audio to review was great. Nice little quiet break from all the spunky audio.

Not much. The only thing I could think of was it was relaxing but repetitive. There was a small difference but it wasn't completely different. Not a huge amount of change but a small bit here and there wouldn't be to bad.

The song was great. No errors, no part that I didn't like. Just as much as I listened to the song it gets really repetitive. But other than that it does just fine as a loop.

This song has been added into my favorites

-Review Request Club-

WizMystery responds:

Thanks for your review!

One thing I knew I had coming was a comment about the repetitiveness (I begrudgingly agree). This is basically a total rhythmic serialism project, and the entire rhythm hinted on a similar form throughout. I'm developing this system as a math project, and in doing so I'm also trying to make the system have the ability to develop vibrant works of art.

Thanks for favoriting this, it means alot :D

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Nov 13, 2010
9:31 PM EST
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