TeeHaichCee - NeuroPunk (clip2

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ok, i've made it a bit further with this track.

this is it so far.

now the drops are in the wrong places, and theres not enough in between, structurally its not quite how its going to be when its finished.

feedback appreciated!


Y'know... This is pretty nice.

This is a pretty nice track. I just think that you'd repeated a bit more than I'd liked to hear, but that's fine. Maybe a variation could breathe a little bit of fresh air to a repetitive motif.

The percussion you did was great and it sounds nicely EQed (I hope). What I think would make your track a little bit better would be the fact that if you could change the patterns of the percussion up a bit. It sounds a bit too Amen-ish, so perhaps you could give it a bit more drive or do a little slowdown or something.

The bass, I believe, you could have boosted a bit more. After all, this is a "DnB" track, emphasis of the "B" part. Once your bass dips into like.. the C3 or C2 octave, it gets really hard to hear. I can suggest that you distort the sound a bit, or maybe just give it a boost in the bass area with an EQ.

The main motif... It's nice, as sounds like something one would expect in a DnB track. However, as this might be just my preference, I think it would do well if it sounds a bit more overdrived or something. Everytime I hear the lead, my mind is expecting it to go crazy in terms of the lead synth having the most presence in the track.

All in all, this is a great track, even if it's still incomplete. I'll be looking forward to the finished track.

TotalHarmonicControl responds:

thanks for your feedback! its very much appreciated.

i wont boost the bass, as such. the problem is that the bass is all heavily aimed at around the 50hz mark. on my monitors, and my car stereo etc it sounds fine. but some speakers / headphones might not produce low enough bass. I'll rectify that before the track is finished. Ive not finished doing the bassline properly.

as far as the Amen comment goes, i actually disagree. it has a similar pattern / sequnece to a semi chopped amen, but thats where the similarities end.

you could argue that most, if not all current and older drum and bass breaks, are based (some more loosely than others) on the classic Amen break, or apache break. the drums were sequenced completely from scratch.

as for the repetition, thats also becuase it was only a short loop, that i looped a couple of times while recording. so structurally, you wont hear anywhere near as much of that bell sound once its finished. i'm only having it in the intro, and maybe after the first drop. theres still a lot more i want to add. I'm still not sure if I like that bell sound anyway :P

Thanks again!

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Nov 12, 2010
6:41 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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