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Can't Remember Where I Am

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Author Comments

Can't Remember Where I Am (Lethargy Cut).

Thanks for anything.

If you purchase my newest album you can snag the updated/extended version of this piece (about 3 minutes longer) as a bonus track.

Also the original 12 minute cut featured there (~8 years later):


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wow, that's another song that hit me :o, i like the deepness of the guitar or whatever instrument makes the main melody. adding that to faves :))

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Yeah, It's slowed down guitar layers. This is actually an older version of this piece too. I have it featured as a bonus track on my newest album (ACFC). Thanks for the love as always nplsmgd. <3 ;-*

Maybe you'll like this version too?: https://lapse.bandcamp.com/track/cant-remember-where-i-am

Wow, man.

I've never really payed much attention to the Audio section of Newgrounds-this song being my first proper introduction.
Had a bit of a late night, and the fatigue is catching up with me. I found myself drifting and melting away listening to this-not in anyway way a bad feeling at all, in this case :)
Damn, this is good, kudos :)

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Thanks a lot, man. Glad I intro'd you well. Nothing wrong with being carried of by some tunes. I do it frequently. It's cool this eased the mind. Take care. :)

Not gunna download

But I figure with the awsomeness of this piece and the fact its favorited and I often have it playing for hours, might warrent a review. I really love this piece. Its the music I write to. It seems to melt my writers block away and my paper once again becomes a playground for words!

My only complaint and lets be honest its not really a complaint. It doesn't loop. There is about 10 seconds of silence!! Good Job Broski!

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Thanks for taking the time to lend some thoughts. Why the vow to not download? It's wild you can play it for hours. That's really awesome. Also, awesome: that it can shoo away your writers block. Do you listen to this version? Or the full version on soundcloud?

If turned up enough, you can hear it slowly fade out. I'm partial to letting the reverb run it's course. There's about 2 seconds of true silence - that's just me knowing the track. If anything, it give's your ears a slight rest for the next reload :P

This really

It's a great piece indeed, the title reminds me about minecraft wehn im on the loose and just walking around my world without really having any directions at all...
And mainly what i always tend to think when i create a new world...
It's a great piece to drift off to and think to...

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Oh man, I love minecraft. Me and two other friends got a server going :)
I actually have an unreleased piece (still adding finishing touches) that was inspired after roaming around in single player, haha. Good stuff, man, thanks for the review.

Like it.

I've always been a fan of Illuminate Me, and decided today that I'd come back and hear the rest of your stuff. I really like what I hear man. I'm designing my own computer game (not flash), and have been looking out for glitchy but relaxed ambient pieces to go in the background. It's supposed to be an RPG game with progressively generated environments (meaning the game will make the world for you, different every time), and I feel that dreamlike, ambient-industrial, or rather old-school 8 to 16 bit songs would provide the perfect soundtrack. If you'd like to know more about the development (if I ever finish it, and manage to start selling it, all audio contributors would recieve a free copy), as of now it's only a tileset. I'm not even sure I still want it to be 2D. Open to storyline and other suggestions for it if you have any.

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Nice, nice. That's cool man. I made that song a long while ago. It's great to see you come back and have a listen again. Since then, I've released an album (if you want, you can find the details of that at my NG homepage). I like the sound of your game. Your progressive generation sounds like Minecraft (which I have been playing a lot of it lately, so fun). I do ambient, glitchy, even mix 8-bit in the mix. A lot of my songs have a bit of an 8-bit melody or something to them. I wouldn't mind try to make a contribution. I'd rather start on something when I see you've got your stuff happening and see you making progress. I'm currently working on a soundtrack for a game, actually. First time I've done anything like it. Hit me me up.

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Nov 10, 2010
10:30 PM EST
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