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A MEGAMIX fusion of 3 songs - Paradise on E - Ecstacy in Paradise & Power of Pleasure

slightly more vbred version - it wouldn't let me upload an identical song to the portal - bastards. I'll prolly change it later with a more high res. - done!

Paradise on E Original: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/26209
Ecstacy in Paradise Original: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/336839
Power of Pleasure Original: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/129637

Enjoy! Also this song is extended from the origianl - so just when you think it's gone - BOOM! It revs up again.. and then.. when you think it's done AGAIN - BOOM! Revs up one more time with a key shift - OMG TEH MADNESS! :p

This song is a collaboration of me and B0UNC3 you could say - since I used elements of his original Paradise on E. This is also submitted under our collab account - ChRoN0uNc3 - you can hear it here:

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/374634

*EDIT* converted to 432hz for truer sound



just so good
Its frikken amazing

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Chronamut responds:


hehehe :P


thanks for the review!


One of my favorite songs

I usually like dubstep and hardstyle, but this was crazy good

Chronamut responds:

blad you miked it man :)

thanks for the review!


It's otherworldly


Wowz, when I heard the first bit, I was was flipped upside down. It sounds so epic listening to Paradise on E [Final?] first, then this. It sounds like everything is reversed, yet in the same sequence. xD I seriously don't know how to explain how I feel!

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Chronamut responds:

yes it is a fusion of his and mine - giving both mixes the attention they need - and then adding a THIRD - ohh the craziness :P

and yes it's important to have heard B0UNC3's first :P

thanks for the review!


Waiting for the Hammer drop

Love the beginning with the toy box, it really sets a nice path for everything coming up.

This song seems to keep building and building and building and building. Its like a climax within every few measures. Very good use of deceptive rhythm cadence. BUT THEN IT DROPS INTO TOY PIANO AGAIN hahaha. Its like the song is teasing you the entire way with the percussion.

I seriously have to compliment you on song structure in this one.

At 3:36 is definitely my favorite part with the low cut synth effect where you can feel that the hammer drop might be coming, but then it goes into the toy box again with some sizzling air. Then in comes the main theme again out of nowhere and it keeps building and building and building AND THEN YOU RAISE THE KEY A HALF STEP. very nice. I was not expecting that and it really did bring out the brightness of the main theme line.

Only thing i didn't like it that at the end you didn't drop the hammer on it. I kept waiting for the pounding four on the floor anthemish banger with a no joke kick sound and a sternum shaking bass, but it was never delivered. Maybe because I'm a drummer i just really needed to feel that part happen in the song.

But all in all you did a great job building up the piece and dropping out into almost nothing but the main toy box line. Your method of layering was very VERY well done.


Chronamut responds:

yeah drums and unce unce was never really something I was big on.. and you're right.. I never did drop the hammer on it - funny how I never noticed.. then again I've always been about complex layering and melodies and structure over boom boom hehe.. still I don't know if this sond would be appropriate for that kinda hammer drop its a bit too complex I find.. that and there was a LOT of bass control in it.. there is SOME consistant percussion but a lot of it is drowned out by the massive amt of stuff going on in the song.

and I've always been a fan of dropping out the song to the most basic of the melody and focusing on that near the end - I've done that in quite a few songs :)

this song was a massive undertaking though in combining 3 different songs into one, and providing each with its own breatnnig space - I actually incorporated binaural stereo so that I had access to more of the 360 degree stereo spectrum - so the side anthem melodies are actually pushed back about 146 degrees instead of 90 left and right which is normal. Also one panning bell melody is 180 degrees rotating front left and right while the other is 180 degrees is rotating BACK left and right - which is why I can play them both in unison and they don't interfere with each other.

This project was a lot about learning how to give everything its own isolated breathing space without bleeding into everything else - so a lot of things are hard panned and compressed and yeah it was qutie an undertaking..

also if you hear in the bg you'll hear the clock ticking bg I developed for ecstacy in paradise by taking the mouse click sound from your computer and pitching it down and applying effects :P

my fave was the end though with the raising the key a half step :P - It's actually the only place where the 3 melodies play out fully - the rest get amputated as a tease - it also focuses on the "power of pleasure" melody line.

you're right though - after you saying that it misses the hammer drop - oh well. I'll have to just not disappoint you in my next song :P

thanks for the long and detailed review man, much appreciated!


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Nov 8, 2010
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