The Alchemist

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Whatever you want it to be. Will probably develop into a full song later.

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." - Paulo Coelho

...Journey to Egypt.

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Puzzle Pieces Of My Mind

The world is seen as puzzle pieces where everything slides together to perform the impossible -- to create truth without objectivity & morality. Puzzle pieces are the missing link to what we cannot fathom. They cannot lie, for how can interconnecting answers interlink if they were an act of deception? The fake pieces never existed. This is why the world is not whole. This is why we are not whole. We are in a void of perfection that disallows us from seeing that we are in a shambles. You cannot support the already supportable without supporting yourself to hide from your weaknesses, fear and ignorance.

The words we speak is of an illusion, regarding every human language advocated to communicate. The real language is a priori, and continues to live on through us all, as we abandon it for a fabled fantasy of ours that created flawed languages to fulfill the already fabricated world of ours. The human language could never even begin to describe what the mind of ours is able to see. What we see unconsciouslly, without seeing through conscious perception.
It's the only language that can speak of the answer that we seek, a language that not even God could speak. A language that interrelates with the being itself, and how they interrelate with the world.

The imaginative realm is where the language sleeps.

Puzzle pieces, will and grace; forming the greatest perspective that is unable to be contradicted. This is the only way we can beat the greatest of all illusions: 'Faith in antithetical values'.

- Contradicting contradiction through contradictory is the perfect non-contradictory.

This world we stand in will never lie to us. Only will we lie to ourselves.

- As whole as a hole can be. [Nothing is as real as it appears. This world is not solid, nor are we; for what we speak of, and act for.]

- Simplicity is mere complexity. [As for your music. Simple sounds that create a world of infinite possibilities. In the end, your music is just sound. It is us that add such meaning to this sound.]

Your music is going to be the medium I will be using to create an argument that will put this world's ignorance to rest. That will distinguish what is real, and what isn't. That will distinguish what is right and wrong. Not through objectivity. Not through ignorance. Not through morality. The abapical nature never lies. The skeletons of our closet will be human whence I say my word in question to my stance in the near future. My philosophy real rise, as will the dead of our mind, and our secrets where our answers sleep. The zombies are walking, the beings are sleeping in their graveyard. I am the caretaker. The shadow is the whole in us, we are the hole in our shadow. Your music will be the portal I enter to reach the greatest depths of mind; where the greatest of puzzle pieces lie dormant. The doors to a tower in the middle of our mind, that only opens to those who are true unto themselves -- that continues to remain shut -- will soon be opened; as the puzzle pieces continue to fall in place.

- The more I put the pieces to myself together; the more this world falls apart.


very chill :) I can dig this.

Lapse responds:


I loved that book!

This is pretty good too. I like the reversed percussion and the overall smoothness within the the song itself. It's one of those songs where you can listen to it forever while working on something else.

On a side note, yes, I do believe that the universe will work towards helping you and your goals in life. But, moreover, one needs to believe in order to make it work.


I sat here like an idiot waiting for the song to start, i read all the reviews, and ever single piece of text on this page, then i realized that this song had been looping and looping for god knows how many minutes.

Amazing work, no need for full version when this loop does its job so dam well.

Wait... Paulo Coelho...?

Tu eh brasileiro? Aleluia! Adorei o loop! 10/10, 5/5

From Li'l Muszel

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Nov 2, 2010
7:32 PM EDT
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