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I believe I haven't broken any rules with this submission. I used a few samples from Freesound.org, and that is about it. Everything else is original.

I had to compress the song from 11M.B to 6.8MB, which is about 320KBPS down to 192KBPS, so alot of quality was taken away from it. I also believe the low quality caused some clipping where it played just fine in my program. I would appreciate it if anyone could point out how to fix the clipping. Then again, my speakers are crap.

If you can, please state what genre this should really be in, I actually don't know what genre my music is, it changes through all kinds of weird forms, that all comes together forming a message.
I will put it in ambient for now, because there is more flute, and pads then the chaos I slipped in there. Also, I find this rather relaxing, I even forgot I was in my house composing it a couple times.
(Which is how powerful the better quality version is)

The program I use is FL9, and I have been using it for 8 days now.

If you have any questions regarding how this song was made, and why I made it. Feel free to PM me, be nice to get to know someone in the process.

The title should explain it all where your imagination can bring you your own fantasy of the sounds I incorporate to my own images. It would be an honor to see what you guys saw whilst listening to this, hopefully ignoring the quality I had to take out inorder to upload it.

I would advise you if you can, to take out your headphones, it has more depth that way. The headphones just brings out the flute more.

Most of all, enjoy.

<> EternalSoulution <>


Mindless Mountain

Phew, I finally had the chance of listening to this masterpiece. :)
I think it's more than just Ambient, really, Newgrounds is very limited genre-wise. It's more atmospheric than lots of your previous tracks, more "epic". You were absolutely right when you said that the creative break you had was regenerating.
Simply great bro ;D

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EternalSoulution responds:

Thankyou. I really can't tell if it's ambient or not, I still believe it's ambient, and if it's listenable to the point people think it would be great for a game. Then I am sure my idea of it being ambient, and it being great, compared to being in a game, makes it doable to be in ambient. Thankyou for the score, and the review.

<> EternalSoulution <>

Very good

I would like to hear more
This kind of music can really work with games :)

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EternalSoulution responds:

Thankyou. Trying to acquire that burst of energy again. So I have been submitting loops for awhile, and trying to jumpstart my inner cables, I think it might've worked though, and I am working on a ambient song titled ''Silent Snow''. (MAJOR FAIL) Thanks for the score, and thanks for the review. Glad you liked it.

<> EternalSoulution <>

Ummm... Review Type Things.

Talk about killer guidelines for reviews, well dayum.

The start seems as though it is played partially into the song, apart from that I've no qualms. I think it's most interesting around the two/three minute mark, loving the flute and beat. Got an eerie feel about it, still reminds me of boardering industrial. (Heh... Heh... Couldn't help it).

It would be well used in a film I would think, great for a suspense track. You're doing a great job using FL, I also loved your Halloween songs before. It's very, interesting. Also, fabulous song name as usual.
Yeah... I like stars. :P

(What the hell is a review? Do I sound smart yet? :D)

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EternalSoulution responds:

Mhmm, a review is a patch of information that greatly makes people either love you, hate you, or laugh at you. It's a very lovely essential system, one of the systems I really don't mind for. I liked your quirky review, it was rather random, just like my song. I am glad you enjoyed it, and I will soon make more songs. Thanks for the 10. Hope to see more reviews from you.

<> EternalSoulution <>

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4.31 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2010
11:21 PM EDT
Video Game
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6.8 MB
4 min 58 sec

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