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with much love and dedication - the final completed version - enjoy! :D


Nice man

And you thought I wouldnt like this, its awsome.

I laugh real hard when everyone mentioned Zelda lol, I won`t, it gave me more of the Crystal Palace from Legend Of Dragoon feel, the celebration and all.

Ofcourse this could of used so much more, but I like how on 4:15 you added some..Trombone? And at 3:08 you made it all lower and different, and at 4:30 it started to be awsome, a great ending too I might as well say. (And the first 30 seconds where awsome.)

lol, sorry about that
SimonColdblooded. xoxoxo love ya man.

Chronamut responds:

yes that sounds more accurate!

Which reminds me I still have to do that song.. ah well.

ya its a trombone - very good ear!

and thanks - I like the intro and extro too :p

love ya! <3<3<3


omg I am so ashamed XD

I only know that you exist from this day! And what a shame it is! All your songs are wonderfull! (well most are, didn't have time to listen to all of them yet). Now I also have a mission during the christmas holidays, find chrono trigger and lend tales of symphonia from a store for my gamecube. I don't even dare to touch lemmings though, since one of my teachers is completly fond of that game XD(so i don't wanna know what kind of effect it will have on me Oo). A teacher for god's sake, maybe not all hope is lost for them and they really ain't undead folk or orcs (except that one teacher... damn she is ugly, give her an axe and she's a orc I tell ya!!! ONE PISSED UGLY ORC!!!

Well anyway back to reality, keep on making these masterpieces and take care! hmmmm... chocolat... *munch* *munch*...

Chronamut responds:

(strange little people..)

wow you DIDNT know that I existed - that hurts I suppose..

lemmings rocks - I made a few remixes of lemmings- neways thanks for the review and the fandom!

make it your goal to review every single one of my songs lol!



SHAKE YOU FREKING HAND...w00t....So clear...sounds awsome not matta how u listen to it. i ran it about 3 times...1 wit hed phone with mid volume..then with speekers mid volume. then the last with head phone(my BASS headphones) full blast.. Rocks tho man.


Chronamut responds:

*shakes tumble_bug's hand*

glad it sounds good on all fronts!

thanks for the review!



This version is DEFINITELY better than the other one. I like how you flushed out the melody a bit more, though I have to agree... the drums are a bit out of place.

It really does sound like something from Tales of Symphonia. Heck, the synths sound just like Sakuraba's.

The only thing I have against this is that it sounds more like background music more than anything. I mean, that's nice and all, but because it's ambient and long (and somewhat boring), it doesn't really stand out.

Anyways, awesome song! I could stay here and nitpick all I want, but it's still a great song! *votes a 5*

Chronamut responds:

but of course - the other one was only a demo after all :P

and I thought the drums were fine! It's just because the original didnt HAVE any drums that I bet you feel they are out of place - or maybe they are just too solid - in any case I am not submitting any more versions of this song - so you will JUST have to live with it - and its not a rock drum kit - I think it was brush..

and I like ambiant and long - it means oyu can listen to it while donig other things and it sooths the mind..

and yes you could nitpick me all day - and make me rather irritant - so please dont :P

thanks for the review and the rate!


You know

The first time i heard it, i didnt really think much of it....but the second time, i was like....oh shit, this is sick. You must share with me your secrets in creating ambience, I got reason now, and am a more than willing pupil. The drums....well, sort of sucked. I anticipated them so much, and then they came in and it made me sad in my pants. I dont know, I dont think the rock kit was a wise choice. But all the other sounds were superior, I mean you have clearly mastered separating the melody from the backround. Its quite amazing actually. My songs, everything just collides together, and nothing gets accomplished....like...5 year-old soccer games.

I would apreciate a review of my newest song

Chronamut responds:

I thought the drums were cool - I wasnt really going for a totally ordchestral feel as I KNOW that is what you were expecting :P

and no I did NOT use Reason for this - I still used fl studio - so how does that make you feel?

as for secrets - well you gotta be.. gay? HAHAHAHAHA.. no you have to know what instrument combinations soothe the soul. Birds harps choirs and flutes always sound good together - waved and intense horns and trumpets always sound intense - you just gotta play with things - as for seperating the melody from the background - filtering -sometimes you have to dull a certain instrument to make it recede - or sharpen it to brin it up front - as well as panning and parametric EQ to smooth it all out in a tight burrito or perfection - you dont want any of that musical burrito goodness squirting out the sides now do you? HAHAHAHAHA....

hahaha 5 year old soccer games

and fine you advertising whore - in a review no less - I'll go review your newest song..

thanks for the review ryeguyhead!


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Nov 27, 2005
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