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blips boops badoop beebeedeeboops...



i really liked the string trickles throughout this track. maintains a warm and dark atmosphere. its a weird comparison to have in a track. shame its so short :) (like this review)

LJCoffee responds:

As will be the response :D

It's more of a code than it is a song - just a few bits of information about myself.

Hello my name is Larry :D

I think that this is it. The hi hats are just there to try and take my attention away from what is really important.

The song itself is pretty weird, your intruments sound nice but the way the precussions are made, because of the morse code, it sounds like it is a bit random. When i listen to this song i feel like i am passing through some sort of vortex or something ( you know like in the cartoons when they go through time or something? ) or i feel like everything is so close to me and at the same time everything is thousands of miles away from me :D Lol never mind that, i'm just weird.

Nonetheless I enjoyed this puzzle very much, although it was nothing super hard it just had my brains working for a little while :D

LJCoffee responds:

heh - you got a part of it... Hello my name is larry...

That's one of four pieces of information - I figured that morse code would clue a few people in - get them in the right frame of mind for the rest of the pieces...

btw - the hats aren't necessarily only a distractor - they may contain their own message.


a nice slow paced song

Again im surprised i liked it when it was a slow song but I think you did really good on that one. It would be good for some kind of dress-up sim i think

LJCoffee responds:

:) - It's a code - a puzzle - nobody has broken it yet though... It might be a little too obtuse...

beep beep.... beep

lol, was just about to review saying how much i loved the sine blip going the whole way through when i realised it is probably the morse codem. Haven't worked it out yet but yeah, nice track.

LJCoffee responds:

You're on the right track to discovering the first of a couple of bits of information! Thanks for the review!

Its nice but i'm baffled

I like a puzzle, but if i'm supposed to be finding some kind of message in it i'm lost. I've found that if i play with it in acid i can find a sound that sounds like you reversed samples into a track then reversed the track, or something. Meh.

LJCoffee responds:

If you have Acid Pro 5, I could always email an .acd file - looking at it instead of listening to it might make it more apparent. The first time around on this I actually did almost that exact thing (reversed track and samples) but that would have been way too obvious and probably pretty easy so I changed things up a little and used different methods. Thanks for the review!

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Nov 27, 2005
5:21 PM EST
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