Rise of the Vampire Lord

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This is my entry for the Halloween2010 contest. The very moment I heard about the contest I had the idea to create a cinematic song that tells an apocalyptic story about a vampire lord who gets fuc... uh, staked in the middle ages and awakens in the modern-day world.

Unfortunately some shit happened and kept me from seriously working on this song so my concept of telling a longer story didn't really flourish and now the song seems to be a short series of pretty random parts (and I didn't even have the time to do some proper mastering). But I guess that it's still a decent piece though.



When it got to about 1:20 i was like Ok i'm downloading this! then when i was making a new folder for you the guitar came in and i just had a fit on my swivel chair lol!

Seriosly though this is amazing keep on making stuff like this!


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F4LL0UT responds:

Thank you, consdering the recent reactions to this piece I will probably upload some other more epic stuff in the future. :)


A great masterpiece. I could picture your story (perhaps even how you imagined it :3) Got chills like 10 times and started moving my head in slow motion and stuff like that :D so ya this is awesome

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F4LL0UT responds:

Now that's some reaction! I'm glad you could associate the music with the background story I was thinking of. :)


do you also do epic music inspired by the Square Enix orchestral? like final fantasy and kindom hearts?

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F4LL0UT responds:

To be honest I despise most Japanese RPGs and am not a huge fan of the FF soundtracks either. But who knows, maybe sooner or later I will do stuff resembling soundtracks from Square Enix games.

Very dark

This song sounds pretty classy and sinister to me almost as if one were preparing to fight a vampire final boss in a game or maybe like that weird wizard guy from Chrono Cross for the SNES which was a good game anyways.

The light drums also sound good here which is good for a boss song as well. I like how it picks back up and sped up a bit as well which is awesome. The guitar is extremely good sounding in this piece as well.

Aside from that I would classify this is classic/metal type song, very cool and awesome sounding to me.

Review Request Club

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F4LL0UT responds:

Thank you very much. :)

Not bad

It's not bad, and probably should have at least been given honorable mention, but to be honest with you it really isn't to my liking all that much. The intro was obviously well thought out, and done well, as well as the outro for that matter. However the actual song itself didn't really come off as catchy to me at all, and the whole song doesn't really seem to have enough of a halloween theme to it. It sounds a little daunting at times, but it just doesn't convey halloween to me.

The guitar part that starts around the middle of the song doesn't really do it for me. The melody it plays just seems kinda lame to me, and that might be just the sound it has. It just sounds like an electronically generated electric guitar to me, in other words, too generic sounding. That's basically what turned me off to it. Like I said though, the intro is fantastic, and I even liked the outro too. The buildup to the...errm...climax was good, but overall didn't really convey halloween to me, and that guitar was far too generic sounding for my liking. Keep at it.


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F4LL0UT responds:

Thanks for the extensive and honest review. Well, you are probably right - as a matter of fact you're confirming my own impressions of the track. I was aware that it doesn't really hit the Halloween theme and I was myself quite disappointed by how the electric guitar turned out.

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