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Xublime - Paint My World 100%

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Author Comments

So lets see.. I have 1.Paint My World. 2. Paint My World Onkey. 3. Paint My World 100%. I find it amusing, making a bunch of tidbits of a broader song. It fits the name ''Paint My World'' perfectly. Now, lets see.. I nearly had to compress it to an even craptastic loss of quality. It's 7.4MB though. ^^

Ok. This song is a very short but in the world of my story I present is long. The camera goes through the threshold of reality in our minds. Picture yourself, at first painting a world, but it only looks mediocre at first, (Which is symbolic of the off-key notes.) Then as you paint more and more, the camera zooming and displaying the world you stand upon existing through your own inspiration.
You feel more and more connected. When the heavier piano comes in is when you draw the oceans, the blue skies, the birds, the trees, the atmosphere in itself. When you are done. You create a hole, and you jump in to nighttime mode.
You draw the stars, the universe, and the beauty of darkness that it truely holds. The galaxies, even a visible planet such as Venus. After the beauty that lies in the deep ocean above, you draw fireflies, and the complex things that darkness holds, after you finish the pieces, you finish the world of night that you have created. To be able to feel what you have created become you.
Finally, after finishing nighttime, you go back to your hole to daytime, and then apply your final touches. To create two opposite worlds, brought together by merely colours. That is a part of you.

^ ^^ ^
You really don't have to read that. It's very deep and poetic. ^^ Enjoy ~ This song is deeper then you think.

- Xublime -

P.S Headphones bring another world to you.


omg epic

i like it. THIS SHITS GOING ON MY IPOD !!!!!!!!
score : 10/10

one of ur fans,
-emo coconut

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Xublime responds:

Wow. Thankyou. I am going to start trying to make my works more cohesive, to see if I get more people to give my music a chance. Since my only cohesive song I have uploaded right now is the highest. ^^. I am glad you enjoyed this. 5/5 10/10. That made me smile. :)

- Xublime -


this is pretty interesting. It was weird at first because the whole thing sounds detuned and I never really got quite used to it. Also, how does this melody even work? It feels like a few piano press and some are echoing and reverberating. It's a pretty neat sound, but it feels very structureless. I kinda like that though.

what I don't like is that thumping bass drum that appears at 3:06. It feels sporadic and arbitrary. It doesn't really flow well with the rest of the song.

Overall, this is an interesting piece though, I just wish it was a bit more cohesive.

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Xublime responds:

Mhmm.. My views, and imagination isn't known as being grounded. I have a very obscure pattern like thought line. Surely, this isn't the end of my strange worlds. I will be making alot of songs, I am positively sure you will soon find a song that you will dearly hold as a favorite. Thankyou for the review, and the fair score. ^^.

That drum at 3:06, was part of the story, the transition from leaving nightmode to daymode.

- Xublime -

Really Good!

I loved the intro it led so beautifully into the main body of the song itself, personally I would of made the ting sounds a bit more softer and sound like they were in tune with eachother. The piano was brilliant I loved it, it works so well with the rest of the instruments used in this song. But on the flip side I find that the piano can also make the song sound a bit too thick and a bit confusing.

Sarah xoxoxo

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Xublime responds:

Well. Stories, of one who generally thinks always on the outside box of reality, will generally create a world where unfamiliarity is merely familiarity to the eyes within us. You just have to dive in. Thankyou for the review, and lovely score. ^^

- Xublime -

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Oct 21, 2010
11:12 AM EDT
File Info
7.9 MB
4 min 21 sec
4.27 / 5.00

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