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I´ve put a lot of time and effort in making this song and I´m glad that it´s done. I did not use any guitars for the song, I´ve made this with my new plug-in "East West Quantum Leap: Ministry of Rock". The hardest part was the rendering! I had to render it like 20 times because there where lot´s of problems.
The song describes freedom, all ways are free, you can do whatever you want, so What's Next?

Leave some reviews, how do you think about it? Feel free to tell me what´s good and what´s not good!


it was ok

it really didnt go very well with me . it would be good ambience though.

Firefreezer responds:

Uhm..yeah...well, it's your opinion.


This song is Awesome!
I like how the basedrum is powerful while not dominating the song

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Firefreezer responds:

Me too! : D

How can a rock song...

.. be so awesome? You know, I'm trance/DnB/Dubstep kind of person.

When I clicked on the top X songs, and I saw "genre - Rock", I was like "bah, how sucky.. :( "

BUT you totally wiped the floor with me (and my ears). 'cept the floor was made of awesome and pancakes.

Okay enough of the silliness - but I hope you see just how much I love the song!

Where do I begin? Normally I'd begin with the beginning.. so hey I'll do that. I can usually tell if I will like the song after listening to 10 seconds. And your first 10 seconds stole my heart! :3 I used to play the piano, and I love these chords.

Then, at 00:10 the beat kicks in, along with the awesome guitar (must be quite the plugin to produce such great sound).

00:30, again, you changed the course of the song... how amazing is that? It keeps its main theme but it has so many transitions and awesome guitar solos that glue it all together.

I was thinking "well it's bloody awesome" but then, what muse kissed you at 01:07? Must've been a beauty. I was like "omg best break up evarrr" x3 Then slow build-up (with the awesome funky beat starting at 01:17 and the guitar kicking in a few moments after that in overdrive). About this part (between 01:07 and 01:17, it almost feels like you entered the song to check it out, and you're tip-toe-ing and smirking at how well it's working out!)

01:55 you're leaving the song, bit of the sadness with the high-pitched piano notes can be heard, but you should be proud of the song - not sad... and 2:35 is when you show us just how proud you are, with the guitar 'screaming' "yeeeeah!"

If my dad wasn't in the room, I'd scream too... brilliant. Please, make more! :33

P.S.: World is coming to an end. I like Rock. Or maybe not, maybe I just like yours! :D

P.P.S.: I haven't said it but it should be apparent that I voted 5/5 10/10! :3

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Firefreezer responds:

This review made my day. I was smiling while reading it! =)
For a long time I didn't read such a nice written review!

Hm...what to write now? Damn, you just made the best review I ever got, I'm really speechless!

First of all: You are totally right in your last point! I am really proud of that song! ;D I'm also proud that a person who normally listens to trance and other electronic stuff likes..pardon..loves my rock song!
You really chose the right words for your review!

"must be quite the plugin to produce such great sound"
Yeah, it's my favourite plug-in now. I buyed it for 300EU but it was worth it!
I'm not very good with my electric guitar, I could never play stuff like the intros in this song. For me, the best sounding part of the plug-in was at 1:56 (if you listen to it with headphones) because it's such a full sound..argh, I don't find the right word for that but I think you understand what I mean. ;)

It really sucks if you cant express your feelings because your mother tongue is german. :D

I love playing piano too, I play it since I was 3/4 ... I don't know that anymore.
Most of my songs have the piano in the main theme, it's a very important instrument for me.

At 1:07 I wanted to try the acoustic guitars from the plug-in, they are as nice as the electric ones by the way. Like you said, I was "smirking at how well it's working out"! : )

"2:35 is when you show us just how proud you are" How did you know that?
That's exactly what I was thinking! Thank you for the nice score aswell the voting!



Very, very good!

It's so awesome to hear it. There's something about it that's really catchy, and it has that classical rock feel to it.

I'm no professional music reviewer, so i'm sorry, but I can't really give any constructive criticism, I just needed to post a review saying how cool this is.

Keep 'em coming! ;D

Firefreezer responds:

Thanks for telling me how cool it is! =)
Gives me the feel I didn't do something wrong! :D


This is a great encore or opening song!

I'm wondering how it would be to preform live with real guitars. I think the crowd would have loved it ;)

Great Great Great!


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Firefreezer responds:

Live would be great! But I think it's not easy to play!
I'm a guitar noob and a piano pro! :D

Thanks dude!

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