TranceCrafter - Break Free

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I just spent 4 weeks making this track and I'm absolutely spent. IMO it's my biggest production thus far. (also, this is for a contest between me and another user on newgrounds who now goes by "sequenced." I invite all to review it) =D

made with FL Studio 9.6


PS. me and f-777 are making a collab next, thought I'd let you all in on that ;)

320 kb/s version of the song can be found here:



EDIT: A big thanks to all the people who voted and made it possible for this song to get in the top 5 this week! Now to get started on my next project....


Well TC...

I don't know this for certain but it sounds like there are a butt load of presets in here? yes? try to make your own synths.
Also, its like crazy build ups then it goes to nothing epic.

Im not trying to diss you, i really do like the song but there are things to improve on

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TranceCrafter responds:

I agree with you on the fact that there's stuff I can improve on. :)

I try to improve with every song that I make, always trying to outdo my last one in some way or another. And yeah I can definitely see what you mean by the lack of an actual climax. It's one of my biggest challenges; my buildups are just so big that when it comes time to drop I have a hard time meeting the mark. But again that's something I'm working to improve and I think I'm getting closer every day.

However, you're wrong about the presets. I make all of my sounds starting with a simple sawtooth oscillator every time. In all of my recent songs. I haven't used someone else's patches in a long time, mostly because I hold the strong opinion that it makes my tracks more original if I build the synths starting from scratch.

I don't think you're trying to "diss" me in any way and I respect that you have your opinion. Thanks for the review!



Congratulations for all-time number one! I see many people like it, but I`m afraid it`s just not my taste. I find it very much a well-made song, but the sound doesn`t very much intrigue me. I really find talent in this, but none of it is very enjoyable to me. Of course, I`m not judging this song from "one side of the dice", but from all six. I see that it was very hard work, or time-consuming work (I completely understand hard work, or time-consuming work because a. I have a garage band and b. I help out at animal shelters), but still I did not find it in me to call it a favorite.
This doesn`t mean I will stop listening to your work, so don`t think it does. You are one of my favorite song creators (or trance-crafters) on Newgrounds, and I support you fully. It is just this work I am not pleased with. This does not mean that many people will support or agree with my views, and in fact most people do not (LOOK BELOW ME!!!!! WOW!!!! EVERYONE LOVES IT!!!) even think about changing their views, and cannot...It`s too good, in their opinions.
That type of song is a new one, and I can see it is very popular. If I were you, I would continue making songs of this genre because they are your most supported (I think, but I`m not sure. At least this one is.), or at least, this very exact style of that genre will be/is. However, I cannot find it in me to find any of your talents that I most appreciate in this song. If others do, then continue for the ones who enjoy it most, and perhaps-since it seems you enjoy it too-yourself.
I have very bad judging skills, even though I try my hardest. I can`t seem to point out the thing I want to-what`s the word for it again?-ah, yes, it brings a slight amount of pleasure-that was the word, pleasure-to me to see your song in the top 10, and in fact, the top. I had to congratulate you, of course, as every big fan would, as well as explain that I am proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself too, but I did not like it and would not recommend it to most people, because I do not enjoy it myself.

Once again congratulations...and continue making songs! Can`t wait till your next one!

TranceCrafter responds:

thanks for the review man. =)

I can see where you're coming from and I'll just have to try harder on my next song ;)

I appreciate your honest opinion, I find that reviews like yours help me to improve and evolve my style, rather than the constant tens that don't really show me what things to work on and change.

(not that I don't like receiving good reviews :P)


Hi guy, I'm actually listening Heavy Metal, Death Metal, or Trash Metal, but your work is just very nice and I appreciate this track. Ecclectism ! ;)

Just, epic

It needs some more melody, but thats not changing my rating.


I was listening to other songs before i saw this one.

But then i saw this song on the Best of The Week, and in 1st Place of the Best of the tracks this week.

That's when i listened to it.

And I Fainted out of my seat.

You know, this was worth winning SOMETHING!

Other that this was....


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Oct 11, 2010
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