Glancing Back - F-777

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I had a HUGE burst of inspiration and made this today =).
Thanks so much everyone for everything!
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- Non - Exclusive rights ($150)
(took down exclusive cause i got some offers on non-exclusive)

You can contact me by message on newgrounds or add me
on msn:

Jesse_Valentine@hotmail.c om

I also do custom music if anyone is interested in that =).
Contact me!
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Everyone else ignore the money stuffz above. Thats just there
cause im contacting some people who might be interested in
using this song =).

Thanks again I hope you enjoy this!



From the first bars, I knew this was gonna be good! And I was right. I love the way you've combined the elements in the tune but kept the underlying message throughout, building and rebuilding before eventually leading up to its climax.

I'd like to take a Glance Back...

at this song.

It's got so much awesome in it that I wonder if the character limit in here will be enough, but let's just hope so. When I first said that the beginning reminded me of MJ's "Will You Be There", I wasn't kidding. It's the level of greatness, for me at least.

There are songs where you know after five seconds that they aren't going to be worthy of listening to. (Probably with the exception of progressive trance, where first and last minute is almost pointless repeating of the same beat, but it is necessary for the atmosphere) And then, there are songs where you can tell after 5 seconds that they will fill your heart with emotions so strong you'll remember a month or even several later.

When the vastness of its potential touches you at ~0:15, you know you're in for a treat. And yeah, I sure was. I love songs that sound as if they're played in a huge outdoor stadium - like this one. I love buildups and melodies... sometimes musicmakers like to forget it... but you didn't. I see the melody having a fight with the rythm in the opening minute, but then they "talk each other down" (around ~1:02 is where the negotiating starts) only to join in an unified harmony of both beat and beautiful chords at 1:17. I swear that bit just gives me the goosebumps.

I thought you'd just become infatuated by how awesome that is and give in to the song and have it continue in this style... but oh boy, was I wrong.

You were just teasing us. The song breaks down at 1:28 to a thrilling, yet melancholic phase where you just fully immerse yourself and stop trying to predict what will the song bring next - instead, you just -really- listen. For the first time, perhaps... really listen without any thoughts or worries. (Believe me it was hard to write this review as I couldn't resist to close my eyes while listening... but luckily, I can type without looking at the keyboard! Hehe)

I can see you were happy for what the song turned out to be, that bit from 1:32 to 2:18 sounds to me like the song (and you) were celebrating the moment when muse kissed you to write it!

And then at 2:19 it returns back into the original theme that once again comes at us like the king's company (with the king himself making a brief appearance 2:49~3:00), and finally the tail and end.. finishing up with a "blast" and letting it slowly fade into the distance... kind of like when you let a piece of chocolate melt on your tongue. It's gone, but you can still taste it.

I'm really taken back by this song.

I wanted to go to sleep, but instead I stayed up, knowing I have to write a review. I probably didn't do the song enough justice, but my words aren't musical notes - I cannot express myself like you... but I hope they will help you keep going.

So here's to the song - and to you, Jesse.

Keep making music. When I said that there was a middle bit where it felt like the song was celebrating - I was merry too. Your songs make people happy, no doubt about that.

Thank you for sharing this piece with us.

Keep making music~

Yours truly (stunned),

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I'd say this is top five worthy!

I do hope you get it also because this is a pretty freaking good song. You need to get on MSN so i can send you some stuff and get some stuff from you! Anyway Great song man nothing but good stuff comes to mind when i hear this. I will be adding this to my fav's!


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F-777 responds:

Thanks so much Don!!
We have tons of work to do on our collabs.

Thanks again man!


sounds kinda like the lion king remix and sounds like a song to be in extreme makeover: home edition.

F-777 responds:

Hehe thanks =D.
(at least i think thats a good thing?)


hey dude this songs been up for 3 mins and me and don did a love song to you on it

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F-777 responds:

Haha i love you guys =).

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