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Moar experimental techno because lol composers block.

Buy it here: https://erikmcclure.bandcamp.com/track/tendril


Why don't you make shows? ;)

You know how you're amazing? Every famous composer must have started just like you, making songs without being paid and sharing them with the public for free or very low fees when they could, to get known. I'm convinced that you will be able to use your talent and make a career out of it :D Your ability to create catchy music like this always amazes me, keep it up!!

Wow, Just Wow

This is so nice so crisp, so clean, it's just spectacular =D I'm so glad you're back!

Intro :

It's straight to the point, no fiddilling around and cheesy fade ins, it just comes at you, and catches your attention straight away.
That sweep is very nice, I like it, it sounds very technoey.
Then filtered synth, very nice, the synth itself is beautiful and the melody is extremely catchy.

Build-up :

Your usual, catchy melodies and wonderful effects, it's just soo good, you can't help but continue listening, the fact of the matter is, it's just great :P
To be honest, I expected a climax of some sort, it just tayed at the calm rate it started with, which in my opinion isn't so 'fun' in music.

Middle :
That synth isn't very nice, the exactly after the filtered synth in the beginning, it just sounded strange, I don't know how to describe it further. tHE MELODY ITThe melody istelf is very nice and I love the way you used a lot of synths to make it better and add depth to it, it's just awesomme!
Then there's another instrument, it's so cool, I love it, it's a pluck of wonder :P Spectacular! to say the least.

Drums :

They sound great, the drums themselves were very well chosen and the drum beats were great throughout the whole song, but the kick every four beats in the beginning was generic, but the kick fill made it original so it stayed in the 10 mark.

Intruments :

As said before, there are some very well-chosen instruments, some I don't like but that's just personal opinion, They vary a lot and they have a lot of different melodies in each instrument, I love it, keep going like this dude, and you'll be world renowned.

Effects :

So smooth, so clean, and so well chosen...... These effects kept the entire song clean as a whistle and very interesting.

Structure :

Very Nice, the only thing I didn't like was that transition in the middle, it faded out and pads entered, it didn't sound very nice IMO cuz it sounded as if it was skipping to another song, sort of like an album preview, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Overall :

Very nice, I loved this song, It had it's little flaws but the rest was excellent , Nice job!

Sounds very professional, keep it up =D




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Oct 7, 2010
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