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-YRX- Blue-Nightmare

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I had a nightmare and i made this song.

Update again:
I finally got rid of all atleast most of the clips!

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Sweet stuff!

I suppose the piano was the most attractive instrument there, sweet beat, can't really say I get that.. Nightmarish feeling, but probably because I have a different view on nightmares(not saying it isn't nightmarish, just saying that I personally don't think nightmares when I hear it.) You also totally nailed that anti-wobble comment down there x] (that Nikolaosthedark-guy.) Should try to mess around your songs a bit, though. You might find out things you didn't know before. Same things with ex-girlfriends ;)

YouriX responds:

Sorry for the late respond i should really check out my old songs :P

Anyways! Yes Nightmare can mean something diffrint to diffrint people so i understand where you coming from. Also lol about the compliment about the anti-wobble stuff :P

But hellz yes i am going to experiment as much as i can with my music and what happens! THANKS for the review by the way ;)


IT IS PERFECT, Never heard something like this before!

This is truely one of a kind.

YouriX responds:

Thanks for the lovely review :)

Needs work.

This might be personal preference more than anything else, but I'd start by moving away from the DnB feeling and just stick to a dubstep motif. The DnB motif just makes the song feel cluttered.

I'd also change the wobble.

Imagine your wobble as a party-goer. The more chill wobbles are those that just chill in a corner, sipping their drink. The melodic wobbles are probably on the dance floor, doing something elegant and coordinated. The straight-up filthy ones are the lovable-yet-batshit-drunk friends doing grotesque movements with the pelvis.

The current wobble setup, especially your initial wobble, feels like the intruder that nobody invited, and the host made all efforts to make sure that this individual didn't know about the party.

It sounds rather harsh, but I don't see any other way to personify it. Get the picture?

YouriX responds:

Well i would like to point out that what i was actually trying to make was DrumStep. Not Dubstep. So i was going more for the DnB feeling mixed with Dubstep.
Since this seems closer to Dubstep i labeled it so. I could however put this song in the DnB section but i thaugh i hardly have a song in the dubstep page so why not?

Change the wobble? Naaaah. I hardley do updates on my songs. When im done with a song im DONE!! I treat that song like a ex-girlfriend that you really dont want to meet. But still tell your frineds about her cuz she's hot.

This song is a personal experiment to combine DnB with Dubstep and then giving it a totally diffrint song structure. Also adding some interesting sound FX. That is why my wobble comes in uninvited becuase he really doesnt care what people think of him and just want to have a good time ;)

LITERATELY awesome :3

This Goes In My Fav List!!

YouriX responds:

Hahaha! Thanks ;)

I Don't Know..

..if my subwoofer volume is too high or whatever but the bass seems to be a little too high. It could also be that i just think it is too high because iam kinda depressed right now since most dubstep music are more "Party" than "Emo"/"Depressing". (Duh! -.-)

Therefore iam giving you a 10 instead of a 9.

YouriX responds:

Well yeah i dont listen dubstep much. But i know the standards of making one. So i guess i succeded. Anywho thanks ;)

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Oct 6, 2010
3:01 AM EDT
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