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Ranter - The Chase Ride

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It's not done.. And it's far from perfect i really have alot of great idea's on making alot of sick tunes, but i somehow never can get it right with FL9.. It's always sounds too midi'ish ? although it does use alot of normal vst plugins.

If anyone gets what i mean please help me get better quality! so i can go back at making even more sick tunes!

Anyway's Vote fair and Review to help me improve!

[EDIT: 06/10/10] I improved the song a bit by tweaking it and lowering some of the bass (since they where too loud, they're still heavy though!) Anyway's i doubled up the drums to make it sound more pounding!
It's still not finished, and i'll always keep working on it. if you know how i can improve this song then please share your knowledge with me !

[Edit: 13/10/10] Added some extra strings at the end to make it sound a bit better!

[Edit: 20/10/10] Damn i keep editing stuff! But then again i did add a bunchload of other sounds and thingy's to keep this a more interesting song! Even a little breakcore at the end!

[Edit: 21/10/10] Man yet another edit! Although this will prolly be the last one.
I do have a feeling it's complete i mastered it put a limiter on and a compressor wich i barely used before.

So Enjoy!

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''tight bro''

The mix is so agressive and profound great work

hello Ranter

Sorry for the late Reviewing;
This is kinda good, actually you definitively got the ideas.
To give a better sound, you should work more on your vst/samples. Mb add some sidechain and filters and EQ.

ranter responds:

Thanks alot!
I actually just went to look up what sidechaining is!
And i'm currently working on some better songs with better vst's like: Massive and Nexus.

Again thanks for the review!

great song man!

in my personal opinion i think the kick could be a tad more loud.. but thats from listen to alot of metallica & shit. drums are your strongsuit for sure. man the revving feel you give in the begining makes me just want to get in my car and just thottle it!

again a lot of thanks !

this version is pretty much better than the one i have (original one XP)
it's really a pleasure to hear this one !

juste something to make it perfect, is at start, it's a little saturated and i have difficulties to hear it at full power X)

anyway this is the best drum n bass song ever isn't it^^

ranter responds:

No thank YOU!
Seriously though, Can you maybe describe what you mean with saturated through pm or something ?

English ain't my native language and i think the meaning of saturated is that it sounds kind of compressed or something ? Anyway's that could help me out!

And thanks for the review!

Not bad

I would have to say after listening to this that drums are definitely your strong point. I love the drums throughout the entire song, the variations and randomness to them really made the song for me. Some of the other aspects not so much. The bass riff and synth riffs I didn't find all that catchy, I mean, they're alright they just don't seem to stand out too much. The beginning is interesting though, and towards the middle you added some crazy almost dubstep sounding bass, which was really a nice touch.

I think the piano sounds kinda out of place especially, but most of the other riffs seem to blend together pretty well. The riff and notes aren't anything completely amazing, but good nonetheless. I think you have potential and you should keep making music and you will improve. Especially since your drums are so sick. Keep up the good work.

ranter responds:

I really appreciate your effort in reviewing my song!!
And you are right about the melody it's kind of bland that's why i tryed spicing it up with all these different things.

Also i just love experimenting!

The piano's are pretty but i get what you mean, since the rest of the song is pretty much sounding midi/bit/nintendoish. I'll try and have a look into that!

Also check out my newer song wich is a remix of Pachabel's Canon. it's not finished but i really need feedback on it!


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Oct 5, 2010
9:17 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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