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Event Horizon+*~.0

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Author Comments

My first entry into the newgrounds audio death match - sort of a technoey house song.

Normally not even my genre I decided to do something completely different :)

I'm not sure what genre to classify this as - I'll let you guys correct me I'f i'm wrong.

Also I'm aware this reminds people of Tik Tok :P

*edit* I'll fix the mastering on this I swear.. this was rushed for completion as fl studio corrupted the entier fil;e and I had to redo it from scratch. Keep your eyes peeled for mastering quality reminiscent f all my other songs.. :/


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so let's recap - it's been over a year now - chronamut no longer submits here, but he is uploading stuff other places, new remasters mixes etc- you can hear chronamut music now in 2 places:

1) Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chronamut

2) Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/chronamut?sub_confirmation=1

continuing the experience..



I expect much better then this from you man. I mean it gets a 7 because it is pretty catchy here and there. however the song itself just doesn't cut it for what i expect from you man. Maybe its the instruments you chose. I don't know but its not all that good a listen in my opinion. As you said before the mastering is a big part of the song. It sucks that the FL currupted for sure. Again, i think my biggest problem with this is that it just sounds way to simple. I can't wait to hear a better version of this if you have one out. I was even a little nice on this man i originally wanted to give it a 5 because i expect much better from you on here. Especually for something like newgrounds death match. Anyway, keep it up and i'll keep an ear out for something new from you in the future =)


Chronamut responds:

yeah the fact that I had to redo this over REALLY made this song suffer - I wanted to do a lot more with it but when the contest was over I simply became disinterested with it - I felt I had to do a different sorta "unts unts" song just to stay relevant in thecompetition and it's really.. well it's not me.

Maybe one day I'll upheave this song - but liek I said in the desc. - I really fucked this song up, and I am well aware of it.

So I understand. You know me - this isn't a normal occurrance for me- I am usually extremely anal about mastering. I should PROBABLY just delete this right off, fix it and resubmit it. Yeah maybe I'll do that.

thanks for the review!


meh- >_<

nuff sed

Chronamut responds:



Great start, great finish.

From start to end, i can say that this is a great song. Well produced, well worked out and well done. Starting from the instrument choice, u used some good synths and some not so good ones. But overall the general quality of the song was pretty darn high. The drums are of the typical UNCE-UNCE style which i can't say i hate, but which im a bit bored of hearing around NG. Luckily you made up for this with the contrasting secondary melodies which gave the music a good old deep feel. The melody does sound a bit similar to Tik Tok at the start, but it modulates to something totally different later on, which is great. Outro was very good and left me just begging for more. Overall, this is a decent effort, not much like your usual style, but good none the less. Good work!

Intro = 2/2
Outro = 2/2
Blend = 1.5/2
Transitions = 3/3
Bass = 1.5/2
Originality = 2/3
Drums = 1/2
Melodies = 3/4
Score = 16/20 = 8/10

Note: This is your review from the NGADM Round 1 and as always im posting it here for your convenience.


Chronamut responds:

Thanks man - I felt I had to deviate from my usual style in order to stay relevant within this competition. It was fun for me to attempt nonetheless :)

thanks for the review!


Repetitive, but you make use of it.

It does sound kind of like Tik Tok now that you mention it.

So it starts of pretty simple, goes on with that same melody thing for awhile, but one it hits 0:45, I don't know if it's my headphones or not, but that bass seems to be extremely overpowering the rest of the instruments until 1:15, where it's not as overpowering.
By about 2:00 I'm figuring that you use that same melody thing for the entire song. Not a bad thing, it's just I'm somewhat driven away by long amounts of repetitiveness. Nonetheless, with this repetitiveness you do add quite a bit and change it up with the effects and such, which is a good thing.
So aside from the bass being overpowered and the repetitiveness, it still works out to be a decent song!

Chronamut responds:

yeah I know I need to change that one part - the bass sidechained that area - which wouldn't have been too bad as the old synth is actually lowpassing away while the new synth is lowpassing in - but I think I overdid it.

Also the intent was for the melody to sort of just be there in the bg, and to focus more on the extremely diverse percussion - which is actually very dimensionally deep - which you wouldn't notice if the synth was always there overpowering it. I will tweak it here and there though - as I do with most of my songs - until I am fully satisfied with it - one reason i hate contests - they don't let me tweak a song until it's to my liking - time restraints and all :)

I was also trying to go for that whole progressive thing, which I'm still fairly new at I guess :P

and yeah I tried to overlay tik tok with it - some parts were fine bus she uses too many pauses and tempo shifts so I just said fuck it hahaha,..

thanks for the review!


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4.32 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2010
8:03 AM EDT
File Info
5.3 MB
3 min 31 sec

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