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NGADM'10 submission #1 (of many?)

Hullo all, here is a brand new piece written for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch hosted by Supersteph54 and Darklight17!

Anyway, here is a piece of epic orchestral fusion. I decided to throw in everything but the kitchen sink (literally actually. Don't ask.) and I rather like how it turned out. Writing this was a nice scheduling challenge: how to write music for projects, school and competitions at the same time, and we'll see how I did when the judges get back to me. Fortunately I was able to devote a good deal of time to this piece, although I am submitting it a matter of hours before the deadline. C'est la vie. I welcome any comments, PM's, etc. and I hope you like it!

As per the contest, we'll see what happens, I love SBB's submission (my challenger) so I don't know what will go down.

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That bassline in the beginning sounded "Sam Wilkes-ish" Like a Funk Overload. Great work!


Everyone gives really long reviews for your songs. :D
Unfortunately, I only have one word to say: Awesome.

TheBenjerman responds:

Aww, thanks!

Now that's original.

Its not common that you hear a song that came to life from common household instruments which actually sounds great. You not only managed that, but you actually gave it a real orchestral feel. Id really like to know how you made this, as its a very interesting and original idea. The depth to this piece is simply superb and the contrasting melodies playing in tune with each other gives it a great sense of atmosphere. The drums, although quite prominent at first, seemed a bit too faint later on, and got blocked out by the other instruments. The intro and outro were both quite good, and started and closed off the song in an excellent manner. Overall, great song and nice work!

Intro = 1.5/2
Outro = 1.5/2
Blend = 2/2
Transitions = 3/3
Bass = 2/2
Originality = 3/3
Drums = 1/2
Melodies = 4/4
Score = 18/20 = 9/10

Note: This is your review from the NGADM Round 1 and as always im posting it here for your convenience.


Awesome with a unique idea!

You're gonna have to explain to me what you added, just for the sake of knowing...

Anyways going on the idea that you used everyday objects to help you with this song, that's a really neat idea!
Getting to the song! At the beginning, the everyday items were used to create what I thought was a neat jungle-type scene, and it builds into a pretty good orchestration, the lack of percussion in the middle area is actually justified by the use of the other instruments, mainly the french horns. But near the end, I would have maybe turned up the percussions slightly, but that's just me.

I afraid my score for this one has to be the same score I gave to your opponent, as both are really good in their own way.

TheBenjerman responds:

Thanks for the written review! I'm afraid I can't tell you everything I added to the percussion because I used some sounds of unknown origin from before I accurately categorized my samples. :-( I drew on the Stormdrum 2 library of Eastwest, and a lot of percussive sounds (wood on wood, metal on wood, I think there is a brush hit in there somewhere) that I had previously. I was a little inspired by the Everyday Noise Contest that Back-From-Purgatory put together; I wasn't able to submit anything to that but I judged.

I suppose I would have to agree with the higher percussion at the end. It's a question of how classical and how ethnic should it be? And I probably should have leaned a little farther to the ethnic side after the classical "interlude."

And thanks for the great score! I'm fine with getting the same score as SBB, he had a sweet piece too. ^_^


Nothing much to say here.. This song is great, I like the orchestral instruments.
The best parts came after the rather slow start..
This is just awesome!!!!!!

Oh, and good luck for the NGADM. Good luck beating SBB.. (though his music is great too)

TheBenjerman responds:

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate it, especially from a fellow artist such as yourself.


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Sep 30, 2010
5:58 AM EDT
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