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Alright so, heres my new Hardstyle track!
This took me probably about 8-10 hours to make and to top that off, i made myself an actual Hardstyle kick! xD
I also finallyyyyy figured out how to position your notes on the 1/3 setting on the piano roll to make your song sound more 'swingy', i was just frigging around with it and BOOM, it came to me xD
So the quality of my future music should deffinitely be better, although i just started doing this, you'll notice the snares being a little off and whatnot.. Just give me time guys.
The sweep at 1:08 wasn't a sample, i made it within like, 15 minutes? Took a lot of time to get it right, but i thought it was awesome! ^^'
So yeah!
Rate, Review, Tell me what you think! ^^


Loved it, but wanted a bit more OMPH

I love Hardstyle, i love you song, but this one just didnt stick with me. THe main line was awesome, but i wanted a little more OMPH from the kick. but considering how you just got the kick, that can be excused.


Ya good hardstyle's a little hard to come by,and you have done a great job presenting the awesome genre!!!
Definite download.

Beats4Beets responds:

Ahh yess i know what you mean, thanks a lot for the review and download!
Thanks again, means a lot :)



Pretty sure the first time I've ever heard Hardstyle and this is pretty awesome.

Beats4Beets responds:

Hahaha thanks man!
Well, Hardstyle like this can be hard to find. I limit the songs that i actually like.

Downloaded it? Thank you! :D

Definitely cool

This is very good! I love it. But I think the intro synths and the drone bass could more more "hard" if you know what I mean. I love the little breaks in between the melody coming in and out. Definitely a B+ hardstyle track!!! Drums fit awesome with the song btw, they were my favorite part.

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Beats4Beets responds:

Thank you! Yeah i know what you mean for the beggining, i just lack the synths..
I did get an expansion for hardstyle, so ill try to improve my intros.
Im glad you liked them! I've just started making hard kicks, so it took me a while to get it right xD
Thanks for the review ^^'


Woo baby!!

Whoa man! This IS it! This is hardstyle! I love the leads, the melody, and last but definately not least...the epic face breaking kick!! You really got the kick down my friend. I love the contrast that the piano and pads bring in, it's like peace in midst of great chaos! Organized chaos of course. Anyhow man, you nailed it. Oh, and I love the swingin' beats! You do that with the little swing slider at the top of the pattern thing right? One criticism though, if you have them, you should do away with any presets leads. I think there are some in here, though I could be wrong. But still, I stoppped using my preset synths, and I love it so much more now! Anyhow, you are getting really great! That amazing sweep baffles my mind! How on Earth!?!? I want to know how you made it stutter like that! Maybe you should PM me about that, unless it's a well kept secret. Anyhow, great job, bud! God bless, my friend!
!IceMasterDlux ><>

Beats4Beets responds:

Thanks a lot man! This review makes my day! :D
Im glad you liked the kick, i probably made like 20 before i kept one xD
Thank you so much man!
Uhmm, i didn't use the 'swing' thing in the step sequencer, i just had to change the positioning on the notes in the piano roll. You gotta change the movement to 1/3, then it gets a bit complicated.. You have to re-position every note of, the open hihat, closed hihat, snares, bassline and leads. At least. I could explain you more in a PM if you want xD
Oh yeah! the sweep! Alrght, ill send you that pm man, i dont mind showing you xD
Thank you so much for the great review!
Im going out of town here soon, ill try to review your song as soon as possible!

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