B.T.P.D Remixed

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BallTrippinPipeDreams Has been redone again.
Changed a bunch of things,
Let me know what you guys think!



Ear Rape dude..

Seriously, don't be lazy when you are making a song and turn those volume levels down! Everything is clipping which as a result makes everything distorted. The whole mix is muffled and it the EQing isn't strong enough. Please, work longer on your songs and take the time make everything clear.

There were a couple FX noises that seemed unnecessary. It pretty much ruined the flow of this song. The Kick is too weak and needs to be more punchier. The rest of the percussion needs to be turned down to level out the mix. Trance songs aren't easy as they sound, it takes time and experience to get a clear sound.

Last thing I'd like to point out is that there was not any real melody what so ever in this song. All I hear is just a few plucked instruments playing a small rhythm.

Try again next time. Put more effort into your tracks so that they are not as ear raping as this one. Listen to some professional songs in the genre that you like to make so that you can have a good view of what the mix needs to sound like. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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Phyortek responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/367155

dude, i did put more effort in, and heres the result :-D

check this one out, its its child.
Thanks for the review though.


The beginning riff is great but it sounds like you cranked the volume up WAY too high and it's just distorted as hell and sounds awful. The weird noises in the background are kinda distracting as well. Other than that, I CAN hear a beautiful trance song playing somewhere in the madness ;)

Like the guy below me said, "Well composed but not brilliantly produced." I don't think I can put it much better than that. The insane amount of clipping is really distracting. I think if you cleaned this up it would be an easy 9 or 10 track.

Phyortek responds:

I will definitly definitly give it more work, and thanks for the amazing review :-)
I was trying to give my lead a sharp sound, but it cracks and is a little offensive...
Gotta work a little more...

Thanks again

Well composed but not brilliantly produced

There's a good slamming trance tune in there but it's hard to appreciate it with some of those sounds over the top. I think there's a fair bit of clipping going on. If you could clean up the samples or just use better ones it would sound loads better.
Personally I'd like a breakbeat too but then I guess it wouldn't be trance!
It's a good tune though and I did let it play a couple of times before I stopped it...

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Phyortek responds:

thanks for the review :-)
A great one at that too

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Sep 27, 2010
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