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Robot Jelly (Will and Jerry)

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Hey Frank, you know what they say about that Robot Jelly.

Cataclyptic Monomorphic Hair Tye Decadence
Stalemate Hippotronic Technicolor Violence
Telephonic Hydrocone B-side Butch Vig
Futuristic Jitterbug Dance on the Jimmy Rig
Hairstyle out of wack skippin' on a mouse click
Underground Stale Sound Underbelly Wet Cig
Gibberishin' Mission in a Dumpster on a street corner
Signs Won't Work Jerk Get a Job New Order
Linedefs without sidedefs won't play
sectors too many, 1993
binary digits on the undercover trenchcoat
geekin' that pimped out code in the dos mode
Pervert introverse flippin to the floppy disk-a
analogue wedding in the tropical environment
chocolate masochist hirikiri furry porn
3D face scan hard on the storyboard
Lighter click concert down with the llamatron
scissor fish butch dyke popcorn fist-a-thon
lesbian seashell voided on the cosmos
kicked out of space out of place cause i'm hard broke
doomsday dance on the chicken wing dutch bitch
hand grenade jock itch sphinct-or jelly sandwich
ganggreen jungle foot steppin' to the conga beat
Duct Taped Hobble Scene Axe Murder Drug Fiend
Portobella Nightmare Unicorn Revolution
Fabricated Nation for Portopotty Fusion, and the
Scapegoat Sister Spaghetti-Made Machettis
Chewin' Holes in the Mother Earth EGA Moonbase
Spermicidal Maniac Dinosaur Braniac
Hot Sauce Media Trance Bass Pitch Black
Thunder Track Out of Whack Bumpin' Bacon Eggs
Taco Seasoning Milkshake Shake & Bake Devil Cake
Medium Fidelity Aqua Teen Power Chip
Deep Fried Television Kangaroo X-Vid
Murder Bacon Chicken Ranch Blood Sauce VCR
Tele superfragilistic leprechana Minotaur
Wonka Bar canadianna Hazy Analingus Tart
Bitchin' Fission Lava Soda Bottle Cap Railcart
Boxcar Witchhunt Pisscunt Fistalicious
Scandal Vandalavian Americana Swedish Fish
Atari ST Type 2 in colleco dub
pitfall 2 style action in a hot tub
heimlich segagen conart hardcore
benge drink sodomizalicion missile canker sore
Emulated Sand Dune Pagan Vegan Boom Boom
Doom seven sin wad whizzin' level 32
Doki Doki Jetpack Mario Tank Top
Rimjob Grease Wax Oil Rub Flip Flop
Bedknobs Boomsticks Servin' on the Food Dish
Rumpelstilt Skinamatic Orgasmillion Jew Fish
Wet Poop Seasoned with a basil and nuclear fission
Quadropallegic Hampster Allergic to Latex
Silly Putty Nail Polish Neoprine and Anal Sex
Hop Scotch, Leap Frog, King Kong, Donkey Punch
Leech Farm, Hot Dog, Water Bong, Monkey Munch
Telefucked by an angel in the range of a mangled mess
Meet Paul Ruebens and is dad's hot oragami dress
When felt all up by teddy ruxpin, grubby's feeling scared and sick
So lets whip out the better way we know to make a glow stick... Omega!!!!
Yellowbelly fuckstick deathmatch monk shit
Flip and Lick and Nymphomaniac and break a leg and hip
Tummy Tear Nipple Nick Assalanch and Breast Break
Geekin Streakin Sheek and for a Weekend Tongue and Cheek
Wait, take a firm handshake and bake a sodomy cake
Metal Ocean Deep Dive Headspin Brain Cave
Rubber Baby Bugle Boogie Bunker Skunk Mudsnake
Ferret Scared Tails paired flyby earthquake
Mecha Lekka Heidi Flice Miami Vice Nunchuck and sai
Vanilla Ice Manilla Folder Soldier Boulder Shoulder Pie
Fuck me like a polaroid, polar wind solar ice
sonar flare, bumblebee leper colon roger right
French kiss toast fry Spanish class rice fly
German cake shit flick Russian mail order bride
I-talian dish bread Japa-nese Sushi Pocky Hentai
Chinese food checkers Mexican Tequila Sunrise
Break it down around and let the bass bring a bomb sound
Pogo Dance a-GoGo with the face of a sad clown
Dahmer Cookin Mommers and the Poppers for the Daughter Stew
Manson hacked a robot made a hollywood killer jew
Gremlins climbing Berlin from the past in Marty McFly's ride
Pop a can of then put on a vinyl of and count to why
Back from desert days of walking backwards at night
count to 5, let the ooze drain, sit, sigh and die

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Sep 26, 2010
2:49 AM EDT
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