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You've Got the Wrong Guy

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Author Comments

Hey there,

Glad you tuned in. I'm here to show you my new song entitled "Brother, You've Got the Wrong Guy", a thrill ride inspired by the amiable French duo 'Daft Punk', particularly their song "Burnin'". Enjoy listening!

Please don't forget to rate, also. If you do, then Brother, I've got the right guy ;)



Well punchy

I really like this, especially the bass- it's just so punchy and clear. I really like the amount of variation within it too- it chops and changes all the time and never gets old.
Having said that, there are a couple of bits that are especially good and personally I'd like to hear more of them- Maybe you could pick one bit to be the verse and one bit the chorus, save the filters and stuff for bridges and refrains. I dunno, it's just I imagine trying to dance to it and it would be pretty difficult cos it's too unpredictable.
Production is top banana though, you obviously really know what you're doing.
Make it more of a tune and less of a showcase and it would be a hit.

Pump that bass.

I love the Daft Punk sound. What you have made is also a different style than most other techno artists, so that is refreshing to hear.

Your guitar riff sounds kind of dull. Especially since you used the guitar plugin in fl studio. Try and find some better sound fonts that will sound more realistic. I also think that there should be a stronger melody in this track, a melody which is not really slow or fast. That will make this song more interesting to listen to.

The mix is alright, though it could use some more finishing up. The percussion could use a bit more punch and there needs to be some more sounds in the high end of your mix. Everything else seems okay. The song does not sound like it's muffled at all, so that is a plus. Good job on that.

Lastly, arrangement is somewhat repetitive. There is not a lot of FX sounds and most of your riffs are just playing over and over again. The transitions need to be worked on as well, as it is somewhat cheesy at the moment. The way your song is now just shows a lack of effort into really polishing this track.

All in all, I'd give this a 6/10. It has some potential, but all it really needs is more effort to make this a really good Techno song. Keep at it. Practice makes perfect :)

- Review Request Club -

It wasnt me I swear!

Dude, Nice. One of my favourite parts is where the bass starts, I can cleary see a daft punk esque video playing. the background rise is cool to it gives the song some form, I like the way you keep it in the song as well, the guitars fit really well with this piece, they really seem to say "police chase" in fact the whole says that. the guitars are like tailor made for this piece ae. that percussive is bit interesting as well, it adds another element to the song that i really enjoy.
the progression is really smooth as well, and thats it from me.

the interesting thing about your music is that they always seem to have a storyline of their own, and thats one of my favourite thing about your comps.
and thanks for letting me listen


The Daft Punk influences are really obvious, and you pulled them off well. I don't think the main riff is really all that catchy, but it's okay I suppose. Most of the sounds you used sounded good, they just didn't seem to blend all that well if you ask me.

I think all in all it's not something I'd voluntarily listen to but I wouldn't mind hearing it in a club or something.


Dig the electro :) but unfortunately this wasn't enough to keep me coming back for more. It just didn't have this level of excitement I usually get out of electro. It more like, after listening to it I was like "Okay, not bad."

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3.73 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2010
11:08 PM EDT
File Info
4.1 MB
3 min 37 sec

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